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How to Manipulate Your Body to Reduce Stress - Wall Street Stress Essentials


There is common misconception that your physical body and mind are two completely different things - where stress is concerned they are one - and how you treat one will affect the other.

If you're struggling with the management of stress then the following three sub-sections will assist in the speedy management and control of stress. However before jumping in it's important to understand that stress isn't anything secretive but simply behaviour adopted as a result of a number of external events that have caused a reaction based on your values and beliefs.

It's a perfectly natural state therefore avoid over complicating stress, because no matter what your past beliefs it can be managed effectively using conscious awareness to these following three areas:


Nutrition is the largest contributing factor when it comes to the correct management and control of stress. If you're not eating for recovery then it doesn't matter what else you do, you'll not be able to control stress levels effectively. If you're lacking highly nutritional functional food then now is the time to implement a healthy eating strategy.


Fitness is the second contributing factor and one that people will usual avoid based on "time" being a reason why they are unable to implement it. Fitness is essential not only because it allows the body to function as it should but allows the release of many naturally occurring chemicals that increase your well-being emotions.


Well-being is a word I use to cover everything else, from your relationship to your career choice. If miss-aligned with your legacy (your life past your living days) then you'll encounter endless restrictions and stressful events. This re-alignment is not something that can be changed instantly but something that takes careful consideration and small adjustments throughout your life.

So - if you're looking to change, reduce stress and work towards achieving a better version of yourself then its time improve these three aspects of your life TODAY!!! Why wouldn't you work towards being the best version of yourself?

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