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Is Luck Real? - Yes / No - The X-Factor Odds: Who's Going to Win?


While watching ITV's X-factor at the weekend with the family, we were discussing whom we were expecting to win. Although my vote goes to Andrea, you can't deny that both Ben and Paul have something amazing to offer.

After my usual "shussshhhing" during the performances, as the family always insists on talking throughout the whole episode, my son asked if "luck" played a role in who would win. This question revisited some thoughts I mentioned in my book "How To Change Your Life".

Although I've written about this before, it' always a difficult question to answer to a 10 year old without discouraging him, from making "luck" focused choices in the future.

Are some luckier than others, did Sir Richard Branson, Dame Kelly Holmes simply fall into their success or did they consciously place themselves in the situations that best offered them "lucky" results?

There is no question that genetics have a massive role to play in our own successes, I for one, no matter how many lessons would not reach the x-factors boot-camps, so how do the winners arrive. Let's explore the journey in reverse from that guaranteed Christmas number one for a moment.

There are many factors to consider:

Was Louis Walsh correct in not allowing "Paul" through last year? Was the competition too hard? Did his change in appearance ensure that he would suit the cover of the Christmas number one more fittingly? Does luck have a role to play or was the commitment and belief the larger factor?

Did Andrea go to great lengths by booking a flight to ensure he arrived at the sign-in desk on time? What conscious effort was made with the Pug Jumper? Does luck have a role to play or was the massive action and internal desire the larger factor?

Does Ben Haenow's comment about the proposal open an additional "media" spark? What would have happened if there were work commitments and delayed his choice to enter this year? Would he still be singing in bars or opted to enter next year? Does luck have a role to play or was the timing and dedication the larger factor?

Lets throw in a wildcard - Could Stevie win as a result of the public's warmth towards his character? What if he hadn't been selected to return? Or thrown in the towel after the initial disappointment?

Luck is offered by chance by simply placing yourself in that situation, if Paul had decided not to return, knocked back from his initial dream would have he succeeded?

Did X-Factor realise their mistake and plea for him to return? We will never know, but one thing is for sure, Paul had to take the first step back during 2013 to enter, wait in line, probably in the rain, and go through the long wait before being rejected.

I have huge respect for all of the contestants, from those seeking their minute of shameful fame to those who have stopped at nothing to follow their dream.

It's not something that you can seek or find, but as a result of your direct action in adopting an open mind willing to take advantage of those opportunities when they are presented. This combined with the dedication to learn from rejection produces a perfect formula for "luck".

Think about it like this - there are too many varieties for luck to truly exist as something unplanned.

Therefore does luck truly exist - in my opinion NO, the luckier are simply those who are not risk adverse and either "buy the lottery ticket" despite the low odds or take the leap into a new career path and commit internally to their belief structures.

My advice is to legacy plan - know what you want to achieve beyond your waking life and work backwards - what do you want to be known for, remembered as or felt on an emotional level by others. Once you have a clear idea about your legacy, your life will be aligned and your chances of luck increased.

My prediction is that we will see Andrea, Ben and Paul at the finals.

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