26/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 26/10/2014 05:59 GMT

4 Reasons Why Stress Can Be Good for You (In Moderation)


Stress in our modern culture is deemed to be negative; something that only the weak have and the reason for mass depressive illnesses - but what isn't understood or factored is that stress if controlled and managed correctly can improve the quality of your life.

Here are four reasons why stress can be good for you (in moderation):

It can add a little excitement to your life.

Stress is a naturally occurring state designed to increase the levels of your senses, allowing your to body to function at a higher level. When functioning at this level, the body is engulfed with mood enhancing hormones that allow you to enter situations that offer a sense of excitement. However, these situations should only be experienced without additional stimulants that trigger a fake high.

Increases your ability to communicate with other stressful people.

When you think about the speed of which people communicate you can then understand that two people both with increased levels of stress will communicate at the same level, with increased levels of speed, excitement and demands. Mixing a deeply relaxed conversation with a highly stressfully peaked person will always produce a feeling of misunderstanding, and different wavelengths.

You become more creative.

There is something about being under immense pressure that sparks the creative side of our brain - it could be to do with the element of risk that we are more likely to take, therefore our mind has a more open approach to what "should" be acceptable, either way creativity levels can be heightened. These feelings should be managed correctly and without stimulants.

Increase your alertness

The natural purpose of stress is to increase our ability to react - whereby the body is overloaded with chemicals that allow us to either flight or fight. However with the common dependency on fake stimulants such as energy drinks and caffeine the body inhibits the production and natural release.

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