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Three Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress After Work


Stress is normal - and something that is experienced by everyone, no matter how relaxed they may seem on the outside. It is however how we manage and control our stress that separates us from each other.

When we look at stress and the causes, it's apparent that it's not something that is new to the modern man but something that is installed within us from early civilization. Stress in a nutshell is the release of chemicals that allow you to work at a higher functioning self - ultimately a superhero version.

As good as this may seem, over time with modern pressure to outperform others we have become reliant to work at this level which is more than we are built to. Therefore our overall neurological system is flooded with these chemicals (through the natural release and additional stimulants), which restrict our ability to unwind and relax.

If you're having problems unwinding during the evening then here are three tools that you can implement to reduce tension and stress. Remember stress management is something that everyone can benefit from - so why not incorporate the whole family.

Three Evening Recommendations To Reduce Stress:

Remove all negative viewing at least 3hrs before you plan to sleep - this includes all media channels - although your favourite TV show may include violence, this third party aggression influences your dream state and the thoughts you have just before going to sleep. This is a temporary deletion and can be slowly integrated subject to the success of your overall stress levels.

No stimulants after 6pm - this includes alcohol, caffeine and anything else designed to impair the natural responses. This can be a hard new introduction especially if you enjoy a stiff drink after a hard days work. These stimulants are counterproductive to stress management and only impair the natural production of stress busting functions.

Introduce a meditative activity - this can include audio, physical or even a peaceful walk with a loved one. This activity is a great way to break past habits and introduce a new way of conscious awareness back to a breathing state.

Remember the effective management of stress isn't found with introducing more, but taking away the old. Focus your efforts over the next few days on consuming quality nutritionally rich wholefoods, exercise at least once a day and follow the three recommendations given above.

In summary - Stress management takes time, it's not something that will change immediately, but you can take a step forward with the knowledge that you'll have a better life with reduced levels of stress.

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