29/09/2014 09:29 BST | Updated 29/11/2014 05:59 GMT

The Importance of Finding an Escapism


There are times in life where things can just get on top of you, where you are unsure where to turn and have no solutions in sight. When these times happen it can be difficult to know where to turn with reflection becoming internal you feel alone in a world of insecurities and nothingness.

When these times strike it's important to have a plan of action - escapism can be an ideal way to release any stresses and get your emotions back on track. With the modern pressure and intensity of life there is no wonder that stress can creep in!

What is escapism? Escapism is a place where you can allow the stresses and tensions of your everyday life flow away and put your mind at thoughtful rest. It can be anything that alters your state and allows you to put your thoughts back in to a rational ordering. This can including reading, travel, cinema, gym country walks or even painting - there is no hard or fast rule to what counts, what matters is that it makes you smile and detaches your negative energy to a positive.

In taking this time out, some will naturally assume that escaping is a running away mechanism but by diverting your attention you allow quality thinking time to analyse and regroup your thoughts, remember we are all different and just because another has a solution that works for them; your escapism strategy is what works for you - if someone doubts it then just let that pass - People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

If you are yet to find your escapism, then spend some time over the coming weeks to trial anything that has worked for you in the past, then adapt it for the person you are now and any restrictions that you currently have. Use this time to reset and regroup your thoughts, remember where possible, schedule this time periodically, so you subconsciously know it's on the horizon.

Failing to take the action now simply means that the time bomb will happen, it's obvious that you will want to avoid this at all costs - so take the action needed now. Turn off your phone, grab a pen and paper and outline what you need to do to ensure that with moving forward you are able to release stress - the choice is yours, STOP procrastinating and act upon it RIGHT NOW!!!! What are you waiting for????

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