11/06/2015 10:05 BST | Updated 11/06/2016 06:59 BST

How Effective Is Hypnosis With Weight Loss?

It is no secret that the path to being fitter and healthier is to exercise more and eat less, but even though the basic principles of losing weight are so well known, many people struggle to achieve a weight that they are happy with. The weight loss industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and there is great pressure, both internal and external, on people to look good.

How you look is wrapped up with so many other notions and conceptions of yourself and virtually everybody has had concerns about their weight and what other people think about them. When it comes to losing weight, the relationship that we have with our bodies is not just about the food that we eat or the exercise we do (or don't), it is often psychological. While many people around the world say that they want to lose weight, there may be psychological blocks or barriers in place that prevent them from taking action that they would enable weight loss.

This means that people looking to lose weight shouldn't just focus on the nutritional or exercise aspects, they should be looking at the mental focus and psychology of weight loss. This is why a growing number of people who are looking to lose weight are turning to hypnosis for assistance.

Hypnosis provides effective assistance for weight loss

Hypnosis is effective for weight loss because it is able to operation on feelings and unconscious motivations. While the majority of people know and think that they should live a healthy lifestyle, it is a different think to feel as though you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, and this is where hypnosis can help people to make the right decisions in their life.

There are many different reasons why people are overweight, and there are also many reasons why people want to lose weight. Using hypnosis can provide the motivation or encouragement to tackle these issues or reach for your aims. Hypnosis can:

• Provide people with a heightened sense of motivate to eat healthily and well

• Provide people with the impetus to exercise more and to put the correct level of effort in

• Allow people to visualise the future they could have if they change their eating and exercise habits

• Allow people to focus on the "needs" of their body

The fact that there are many different contributing factors to being overweight or suffering from obesity, losing weight is rarely a case of making one change in your life. There needs to be a focused effort in making change and focusing on why you are looking to change. Hypnosis can allow people to get in touch with the reasons why they are currently overweight and can help them to focus on why they are looking to change or what benefits they can receive by losing weight.

If you are looking to break free from the negativity that so often surrounds being overweight, hypnosis can be highly effective in losing weight.

Benjamin Bonetti is the founder of the DNA Coaching Programme and one of the worlds leading authorities within the self-help arena.