26/05/2016 06:20 BST | Updated 24/05/2017 06:12 BST

Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn from the people of West Papua

Statement by the National Committee for West Papua, KNPB, a Papuan peoples' organization that campaigns in a non-violent way, for an independence referendum in West Papua.

The National Committee for West Papua, KNPB, wishes to convey our thanks on behalf of the people of West Papua, to members of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP), Intentional Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP), and all those in the international community that supported the right of self-determination for West Papua in the historic meeting on 3rd May 2016 in the British Parliament.

The principle of equal rights & self-determination is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, and our right of self-determination is guaranteed under international law because the decolonisation process following the end of Dutch rule was never completed.

West Papuans holding banners of thanks to UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn following his recent statement of support in the UK Parliament.

In particular, the KNPB sends thanks to politicians from the Pacific, South America and Europe:

- The Prime Minister of Tonga, ʻAkilisi Pōhiva

- Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vanuatu, Bruno Leingkone

- Special Envoy of the Solomon Islands for West Papua in the MSG, Rex Horoi

- Minister of Lands, Vanuatu, Ralph Regenvanu

- Governor of Northern Province, PNG, Gary Juffa

- The Prime Minister and First Vice-President of Guyana, Hon Moses Nagamootoo

- Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, leader of the UK Opposition

- Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP, Founding member of IPWP

- Rt Hon Nick Brown MP, British Labour Party

- Lord Harries of Pentregarth, British House of Lords and IPWP founding member

- Octovianus Mote, Secretary General of ULMWP

- Benny Wenda, International Spokesperson for ULMWP

- Rex Rumakiek ULMWP

- All other Parliamentarians of the UK who attended the meeting on 3rd May 2016

The following messages of support and thanks from KNPB's regional divisions were shared at the secretariat of the KNPB Jayapura, West Papua on 19th May 2016:

Papuan students were represented by Mael Allua, who delivered a message of support for the political speech by Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labour Party, and the outcome of the Westminster meeting on 3rd May 2016. Mael Allua also stated we the people of West Papua strongly object to the team formed by the Government of Indonesia to investigate violations of human rights in West Papua. The people of West Papua support the mandate of the Pacific Island Forum (PIF), which is seeking to send a fact finding team to investigate human rights abuses. This has so far been blocked by the Government of Indonesia.

West Papuans on the island of Biak send a message of thanks to Jeremy Corbyn and other delegates from May 3rd meeting.

The administrator for KNPB region Numbay, Hosea Yeimo also stated thanks to all those who attended the Westminster meeting, and lead a prayer of thanks for Jeremy Corbyn.

Following this, the administrator of KNPB Sentani conveyed a clear message that the Papuan people reject all Indonesian Government policies in West Papua. The people of West Papua demand a referendum in West Papua and are unequivocal in our desire for this. Furthermore, we also deliver support and thanks to politicians around the world who support the nation of West Papua, Melanesia.

We renew calls for a Pacific Islands Forum human rights fact-finding mission.

The administrator of KNPB central Agus Kossay on behalf of the people of West Papua then conveyed support and big thanks. Agus Kossay urged nations not to be drawn by the Indonesian Government's policy of 'economic diplomacy' in trying to maintain control of West Papua. He urged countries to support calls for a human rights fact finding mission to be sent to West Papua.

Agus also stressed that problems facing the people of West Papua are not development and economic, but justice and political rights. Therefore the political status of West Papua must be finished unequivocally.

The KNPB urges the Pacific Islands Forum fact finding team to investigate the violation of human rights in West Papua. We have no faith that any efforts by Jakarta will ever resolve cases of human rights in West Papua which have been rampant since 1st May 1963 until the present day.

KNPB also reject all efforts by Indonesian intelligence to create conflict in West Papua, including ending the propaganda and the burning of KNPB flags. Through doing this the Government of Indonesia is stoking up tensions.

Political prisoner Steven Itlay has been detained without charge since 5th April for supporting calls for West Papuan self-determination.

The meeting ended with a statement of support by the Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua, Eliaser Anggainggom. He delivered thanks on behalf of the nation of West Papua to all the politicians from the Pacific, Australia, South America and Europe who continues to support our people.

"We the West Papuan nation say thank you to British Opposition leader, Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP for supporting self-determination for the people of West Papua. We the West Papuan people say thank you to all delegates for the declaration of Westminster in England on 3rd May 2016."

Attendees of the KNPB meeting hold up signs of thanks to international politicans who recognise our legal right to self-determination.

After the activities of support and thank you at 14.45 pm, press statements were released along with the closing prayer.

KNPB, Port Numbay, Jayapura, West Papua. 19th May 2016.

The National Committee for West Papua (abbreviated KNPB or Komite Nasional Papua Barat) was established on 19th November 2008. It is a Papuan peoples' organization campaigning, in a non-violent way, for a referendum for the Papuan people of West Papua.

KNPB protest against Indonesia's colonial rule of West Papua.