PM's majority slashed to 18 as MPs vote against amendment to block agreements with countries implicated in genocide.
PM faces another rebellion over trade deals with countries committing atrocities as MPs reject government-backed compromise plan.
This article contains distressing images of the victims of the genocide in Europe
They were the neighbours who used to come to share a beer with my dad. They were the parents of the kids I played football with. My mum worked with them to sort out community programmes
Julius Malema has said he is not calling for whites to be killed... 'for now'. It's not the first time he has uttered threats by pretending to disavow them.
He cannot 'guarantee' what will happen in the future, the EFF leader said in a recent interview.
The country’s government denies it’s engaged in ethnic cleansing.
Namibian-German negotiations about the genocide perpetrated in the former German colony South West Africa in 1904-1908 have just entered their third year.
There may be two main problems. The first problem centres around the designation of the refugee status and the second, the designation of who is particularly vulnerable and resettling based on this consideration. Religious minorities struggle to be recognised under either.