01/08/2016 12:22 BST | Updated 02/08/2017 06:12 BST

Five Ways Hillary Clinton Has Improved the Lives of Women All Over the World

This week Hillary Clinton was officially announced as the Democratic presidential nominee, this has led to frequent discussions about Clinton's achievements and how her nomination is breaking down barriers for women and girls all over the globe. As a young student, First Lady, Senator of New York, Secretary of State and now the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton has dedicated her life to women's rights and smashing down the hypothetical glass ceiling which has been barring equal rights for centuries. As Hillary Clinton defined it herself, "the subjugation of women [is] a threat to the common security of our world and to the national security of our country." But what has Hillary Clinton actually done to improve the lives of women all over the world?

1) "Women's Rights Are Human Rights"

The phrase "women's rights are human rights" has become synonymous with Hillary Clinton following her 1995 speech on women's rights at the UN world conference on women in Beijing during her time as First Lady. Clinton addressed the lack of women's rights around the world calling global attention to these issues in a landmark call for worldwide justice and equality. The speech made global waves inspiring female activists around the world to take up the cause of women's rights, planting the seeds of progress towards a fairer society. After the conference Clinton then established the Vital Voices Democracy Initiative in order to promote the advancement of women as a key foreign policy goal for America.

2) Women's Rights to Choose

Hillary Clinton has constantly battled Republican efforts to undermine the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v Wade which legalised abortion for women within the United States. Since supporting the Roe v Wade decision at the time, Clinton has been a strong advocate of a woman's right to choose. Whilst in the Senate, Clinton waged a multi-year effort to make emergency contraception available over-the-counter. She has constantly voted for and co-sponsored legislation that expands women's reproductive rights, making sure women have choice by expanding access to birth control, family planning and sex education.

3) Office of Global Women's Issues

The Office of Global Women's Issues within the State Department was created by Hillary Clinton whilst serving as Secretary of State. Through this Clinton ensured that women's issues including women's healthcare, the advancement of women and the education of women were a foreign policy priority. This has since been made a permanent position by President Obama, advancing the rights and progress of women on a global scale.

4) Vital Voices Global Partnership

Following her time as Secretary of State when Clinton frequently addressed women's issues all over the world to improve the status of women and girls globally, Clinton founded the Vital Voices Global Partnership. This is a non-governmental organisation designed to promote the advancement of women all over the world both economically, socially and politically.

5) Democratic Presidential Nominee

By clinching the Democratic Presidential nominee Clinton has inspired women and girls all over the world, emphasising that anything is possible. She has shattered the glass ceiling that has shrouded the political realm as a patriarchal field for so long, indicating that women are just as capable as men. Hillary Clinton may have already made momentous progress for women all over the globe throughout her long career, but this nomination is her biggest achievement for women. This nomination has made leaps and bounds for women, forcing a society based on equality.

America now faces a potential future female President who will for the first time have women's rights at the front of her mind. With Clinton set for the most powerful job in the world and with women's rights playing a huge role in her policies who knows how much further she will progress women's rights both in the USA and globally.