24/09/2011 20:41 BST | Updated 24/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Sunday Roundup

In a week when the global economy looked to be in meltdown, when a man was executed for a crime he may or may not have committed, and with the hacking fiasco continuing to make headlines, what was the single event that provoked the biggest uproar? Facebook making changes to its interface.

If proof were needed that social networking is now as much a way of life as talking on your phone or, dare one say it, talking full-stop, this was it.

And where did the disgruntled world's population head to vent their anger? Twitter. Oh, irony of ironies.

Anyone watching the #facebook hashtag - and for a few minutes, I was one of them - would have been by turns, amused, incredulous and, maybe, just a little cross themselves.

Of course, it didn't take long for the comedians to point out the obvious. My favourite Tweet on the subject? @greghartle's "I'm appalled that the free service I'm in no way obligated to use keeps making changes that mildly inconvenience me." And then there was @ScottWozniak's "I swear, if Facebook changes their layout one more time, I'm going to post a status update about it & then use their site as much as always." (For more of a similar vein, head to

HuffPost blogger Olivia Rose was moved to tears by the whole debacle, while Scott Bryan thinks we should all just get a life.

For those taking the latter's advice, there was, as already mentioned, some rather more weighty issues to distract this week, not least developments in Palestine. Again our bloggers were on hand to deliver their opinions, thoughts and arguments with both Peter Tatchell and David Miliband providing thought-provoking and insightful pieces.

As the politicians once more went into battle on the subject, Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley used this year's Peace Day, 21st September, to announce the countdown to next year's event, Global Truce.

If you haven't yet read his blog, I urge you now to do so, and take up his call to action.

"The Global Truce 2012 campaign will only work if the people get behind it - if you get behind it," writes Jeremy. "Please join the campaign via and ask as many people as you can to do the same, via social media or via the new free Peace One Day App."

We'll leave the choice of which social-media site, up to you...