07/11/2014 07:28 GMT | Updated 07/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Julien Blanc - The Dangers of the DIY Pick Up Artist

Youtube Julien Blanc

Today I salute Australia, the country which has booted out pick up artist Julien Blanc due to his degrading and abusive 'teachings' on how to pick up women.

I'm first to admit I find pick up artists (PUAs) a total bore. They operate under the guise of helping men have more confidence with women. Their advice usually centres around 'how to approach a woman in a bar and get her into bed.'

They are typically creepy men who make your skin crawl or women who couldn't possibly do a seminar without their breasts dangling out suggestively from their skin tight tops and their peroxide hair extensions primed to perfection. Still, they're a relatively harmful bunch in what they "teach". Or so I thought.

Watching Julien Blanc videos teaching men how to pick up woman I sat aghast. What I saw made my stomach churn, my heartbeat and my anger rise. Here was a man teaching men in Japan that to pick up a woman they should, in his words "take her by her head and shove it on their dick whilst yelling Pikachu." Just in case they weren't sure what he meant, he demonstrates it by pretending to grab a woman's head and shove it to his, what I can only imagine, acorn dick.

The men eagerly laugh and clap. What a hero they think. Wow this guy knows how to pick up women! No, this poor excuse for a pair of testicles knows how to physically assault women.

In another video he walks up to women, grabs them by the throat, puts his fingers on their lips and says ''shh.'' He is proud of, and promotes these videos by using the hashtag #ChokingGirlsAroundtheWorld.

This man needs to be stopped NOW.

By the end of watching the first video I was ready to fly to Australia and send this man packing myself. No need though, the good folk of Australia have done a fine job of kicking his ass out the country. The hashtag #takejulienblancdown has been sweeping the nation as Australians became angered that he was in the country to host seminars for men.

It's not just women who are outraged, men are equally horrified. It's lowlifes like him who give men a bad name. Heck, give society a bad name. He fled the country in the middle of the night leaving his assistant to host the seminar. Of course, it never happened thanks to Australian's staging a protest. Not only was it cancelled, but the men also had to do a walk of shame past a braying crowd. I like to think the best of people and hope they didn't know what they were in for but let's face it, if you pay for an event; you know what you're going to.

His website 'Pimp My Game' would be hilarious if it weren't such a serious matter. He claims that men who attend his seminars will have a PHD in female attraction - pass the sick bucket! "How I pick up an Eastern European model in a day" is the headliner of the site. That says it all really.

Good riddance Julien Blanc and please don't think of coming to the UK. You are not, and never will be, welcome here.