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Dismissing 'PUAs' by simply saying 'men be like that sometimes' isn't good enough – we need to examine what we're dealing with
A follow-up petition to the Scottish Government hoping to force Valizadeh's meetings to be called off has already amassed
With all the excessive media scrutiny Jeremy Corbyn is under, we bet he's not having the easiest time with the ladies. Don't
By excluding and ignoring young men, we are damaging our society as a whole. We should be moving towards a more equal society and not obsessed with the past. It is about time we move past gender and begin to look at people for who they are. Until women are willing to do this as equally as men should, there will always be an imbalance which damages our society.
I agree that it's unhelpful to villainise the men who sign up for these workshops. I also accept that not all PUAs are like Julien Blanc. I'm sure there are those who adopt a healthier approach, who, at the very least, don't go around advocating sexual violence. I'm sure there are some good apples. But I also don't think Blanc is a one-off.
Recently, you have most probably heard and read a fair amount about the Pick Up Artist Community. This is of course thanks to the media exposure that has been shone on Pick Up Artist Julien Blanc and his shocking pick up tactics. You have also have probably heard many male dating coaches defend him...
I sometimes meet some of those that attend these seminars in my psychiatric clinic. I take it seriously because a lot of people think it's a bit of fun and it's not - what it is - is exploitation of people with low self worth and often extreme naivety coupled with the hope that it's the answer to their dreams.
Watching Julien Blanc videos teaching men how to pick up woman I sat aghast. What I saw made my stomach churn, my heartbeat and my anger rise. Here was a man teaching men in Japan that to pick up a woman they should, in his words "take her by her head and shove it on their dick whilst yelling Pikachu."
It isn't the conclusion of Elliot Rodger's video that terrifies me - not the 'day of retribution' content, the killing intentions, the insistence that it could all have been averted if one of the 'pretty girls' had slept with him. It isn't the discussion of Alpha Maledom or punishing women or revenge against humanity.
There's a wild misconception amongst women that we have to do something extreme to be noticed by men; be the most beautiful woman in the room or be insanely outgoing or nobody will ever know you're there. It's quite the contrary. Chances are that men are keen to approach you, but they're not sure you'd be interested