18/04/2016 15:44 BST | Updated 19/04/2017 06:12 BST

LOUD & PROUD: HuffPostUK Entertainment Is Celebrating Gay Culture

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Every now and then, the Entertainment team gets the wind behind their ears, takes their eyes off the latest news headlines, and looks at a bigger pattern influencing the worlds of film, TV and music.

Last year, we explored the TV Revolution, with viewers moving from scheduled linear pitstops to a world of streaming and viewing on demand. We also championed those British stars flying the flag abroad, working at the top of their game in an ever more competitive global field.

Over the next fortnight, HuffPostUK Entertainment is going LOUD & PROUD, where we'll be celebrating how gay culture has influenced and, in turn, been embraced by all fields of entertainment, inspiring cinema-goers, TV audiences, music-lovers and wider society with its wit, creativity and power of expression.

Through features, video and blogs, we'll be championing those brave pioneers who paved the way, exploring the broad range of gay culture in British film, TV and music, and we'll also be asking - what is left to be done?

We're polling to discover: What was the single most important gay moment in film, TV or music over the last two decades? And we're also asking everyone the first time they remember gay culture dawning on them. The Brookside kiss, EastEnders, Queer as Folk... what was yours?

Meanwhile, what's happening on the big screen? I'll be posting my thought-provoking interview with Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black ('Milk') about how gay film characters can literally save lives, while our Exec Editor Matt Bagwell asks, When will Hollywood come out of the celluloid closet?

And of course, there's always Eurovision. In 'You don't have to be gay, but it helps' - we speak to a leading gay academic about the universal value and significance of this annual camp fest, especially if you're a confused 12-year-old German boy.

Contributors to 'Loud & Proud' include : Adam Lambert, the first openly gay pop artist to debut at the top of the Billboard chart; Mark Gatiss, writer of Sherlock and Doctor Who; celebrated gay activist Cyndi Lauper; UK chart-topper Will Young and tireless campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Throughout, we'll be celebrating the standout music moments that brought gay culture to the top of the pop charts and to millions of young fans, exploring how TV soaps led the way in understanding, and how reality TV opened uninformed eyes to gay culture. We prove why you can say what you like about Big Brother, but it's done an awful lot for tolerance and respect for gay people in this country.

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