19/03/2014 06:34 GMT | Updated 19/03/2014 06:59 GMT

Reeva 'Seated In Defence Position' as Oscar Fired Shots

A ballistics expert has testified in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius that Reeva Steenkamp was bent down in a brace position as the Olympian shot her.

Speaking of the gunshot wound in Reeva's right arm, Cpt Mangena said: "In this instance the deceased was most probably seated in the defence position"

Bending over and covering his head with his arms, the captain demonstrated the position most consistent with the injury caused by the third bullet fired by the blade runner.

The gold medallist claims he opened fire on the closed bathroom door on 14 February 2013 believing there was an intruder.

Ironically, the double-amutee sprinter frequently adopted a similar position, putting fingers in his ears as the expert spoke of Reeva's injuries.

Cpt Mangena further testified the gunshot wound to Reeva's head caused her to fall from position, saying: "When the bullet hit her in the head, she would have dropped down, her head ending up on top of the toilet seat."

Earlier in his testimony, the captain stated the 29-year-old was standing and facing the door when the first bullet hit her in the hip.

Despite the defence counsel's tenacious attempts to get the captain to concede to the blade runner's version of events, Mangena adamantly stated: "I won't change my opinion."

His testimony suggests the supermodel changed her position during the time the shots were being fired, implying there was ample time for her to scream.

Cpt Mangena's evidence supports the testimonies of neighbours who claimed to hear a woman's screams as the shots were being fired.

Throughout the trial, the defence has repeatedly argued the high-pitched screaming was that of an extremely "anxious" Pistorius.

The trial continues.