Is This the End for David Cameron?

27/03/2012 10:53 BST | Updated 26/05/2012 10:12 BST

So far it has seemed that the prime minister has been made of something close to Teflon. He made the colossally bad mistake of hiring Andy Coulson, even when hackgate was at it's height he refused to fire him, he has survived people voting against him, and thinking he was just a PR man, and too young to be Prime Minister.

But all through his career as Prime Minister there has been an arrogance. It sometimes seems that he treats the conservative party as if he is the leader in a much truer sense than to be Prime Minister actually is; the Prime Minister is supposed to serve his party and his people, not the other way around. Now we come to Peter Cruddas. The [ex] Tory Party co-treasurer; Will this man finally destroy David Cameron?

The cash for access is the mother of all scandals. Especially as Mr Cruddas was filmed by The Times promising access to ministers and those who influence policy in return for a "premier league" gift of £250,000. Money for influencing government policy? It goes against every moral fiber a decent politician would have.

The Prime Minister has now published a list of donors who spent over £50,000 and Peter Cruddas resigned on Saturday. But is this a sign the government is as corrupt as people think?

Cameron has made some tough decisions, and is, arguably, a much better Prime Minister than Tony Blair ever was. With his fake smile and sucking up to the Americans. Tony Blair was a conservative in sheep's clothing, New Labour only came about because Margaret Thatcher completely destroyed the left and they had to reinvent themselves if they ever had a hope of coming back again. And what a mistake that was; to be fair to Cameron what he inherited as Prime Minister is incredibly unenviable; an unwinnable war and a debt so large it is tough to think how it will ever be paid off.

The debt legacy alongside the hatred that has lasted against the Tories from the Thatcher era meant that people (especially those in Scotland, the Tories only have one seat there) are hoping this government makes mistakes and proves them right all along: that Tories will do what they will always do. A party only for the rich and powerful who hates the little people. There is rarely a mention that this is actually a coalition government. The Liberal Democrats are not just along for the ride. They must take equal blame.

The Prime Minister has been brutal in some of his decisions, like sacking Zac Goldsmith two hours before he was due to take up the post of a government envoy on green issues just because he voted against the whips and in favour of a EU referendum . Let's hope he is as brutal about his own mistakes as he was about other people's. So far the evidence is not there.