15/03/2016 11:15 GMT | Updated 16/03/2017 05:12 GMT

100 Days to Go to Secure Our Place in Europe


There are now less than 100 days to go until the EU referendum that will decide our country's future in Europe. The British people are faced with a historic choice. To secure opportunity, prosperity and security for future generations by remaining an influential EU member. Or to opt for a future of uncertainty and isolation by giving up our full access and influence over the world's largest single market.

The Liberal Democrats are clear where we stand. We are united in fighting a positive, patriotic and passionate campaign highlighting all the ways that being in the EU benefits the UK. From stronger consumer rights to cheaper holidays abroad, there are so ways that our place in Europe enhances people's everyday lives. People shouldn't keep taking these benefits for granted, and it's time those calling for Brexit stopped claiming that any suggestion we could not keep them all if the UK left is scaremongering. They must not be allowed to pull the wool over the British people's eyes.

The key point that must be hammered home is that the EU is not something that is done to us, it is something we play an huge role in shaping as the third largest member. The UK has fought for higher animal welfare standards across Europe, to abolish rip-off roaming charges from next year and to ensure people get compensation of up to £470 when their flights are severely delayed. Now the UK is pushing to allow people to access streaming services like BBC iPlayer or Netflix when abroad in Europe and to make it easier to buy and sell goods online.

Leaving would mean giving up this influence over the rules that will continue to affect people's lives. By staying in the EU we can continue shaping the big decisions and delivering for families in the UK. So join the campaign today, to stay in together and stand up for a country we can all be proud of.