25/09/2015 07:08 BST | Updated 24/09/2016 06:12 BST

Six Reasons Solo Travel Is Great for Introverts

Setting out on your first solo travels can be daunting. And if you're a natural introvert, the thought of heading off alone might seem even harder - but here's why you're better off than the extroverts.


1. You're happy with your own company

Chances are you're already used to doing your own thing, so travelling solo is the perfect fit. If you'd rather relax with a book than be in the middle of a huge crowd or pursue your own unique itinerary, you won't be worrying about finding travel companions when you're quite content on your own.

2. New friends will come to you

Not a fan of walking up to strangers and starting up conversation? All those extroverts travelling solo are out looking to make friends - so you can sit back and wait for one to get chatting.

3. It also gets you out of your comfort zone

Think you're no good at taking the lead, sorting out problems or getting things booked? When you're travelling solo, there's no avoiding it if you want somewhere to stay and to see more than the inside of a room - perfect for pushing you out of your comfort zone.


Take a leap...

4. The world has adapted to you

From the internet and apps to travel companies catering for solo travellers, it's all got a lot easier. No need to deal with lots of people when a few clicks can sort it all on the web. Want a ready-made travel group? There are organised tours for every age and interest. You needn't even eat alone if you don't fancy it, thanks to communal tables at resorts.

5. You can get away with ignoring people

Having one of those days where you just don't want to chat? Noise-cancelling headphones and an intent expression as you stare at your Kindle will put off all but the most persistent - and as half the travellers around you will be doing the same, you won't seem rude.


6. Pick your destination to suit your personality

Whether it's walking in the mountains, where everyone's enjoying the silence and the scenery, or losing yourself in a bustling city, it's easy to find somewhere to blend in or escape the crowd.

Cathy Winston is editor of 101 Singles Holidays

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