solo travel

"I’ve now visited nearly every U.S. major national park ― 59 of the current 63 ― and all 50 U.S. states solo."
"Conventional wisdom told me that if you want to work on your marriage, you should stay in your marriage. For once, I didn’t follow what I’d been told."
After being made redundant during the recession and ending a relationship Victoria Philpott, creator of, started travelling solo around the world. The travel writer and adventurer says that travelling solo or travelling alone as a woman shouldn't be a reason to hold you back.
Solo travel allowed me to decolonise my mind, divorce myself from America’s white supremacist beliefs and experience a fulfilled, nourished life.
Advice on how to meet people on a trip, whether you're traveling solo or on vacation with friends.
The experience was worth every nervous, testing minute of self-reliance it required – heading off somewhere utterly unfamiliar on my own has boosted my energy and self-confidence
Stay at hostels and track down the nearest Irish pub.