Travelling Solo Soon? Check Out These Tips From Redditors First

Stay at hostels and track down the nearest Irish pub.
MStudioImages via Getty Images

The prospect of travelling alone for the first time can be super exciting. But it can also be terrifying, especially as you venture into the unknown.

Thankfully, Redditors who are well-versed in the art of solo travel are here to save the day. Here are their top tips for people considering a trip sans friends:

1. Prep Your Maps

“Download ‘offline maps’ of the places you plan to visit in Google Maps. This is particularly handy if mobile data access is of an unknown quantity where you’re travelling.”

2. Spread Your Cash

“Don’t keep all your money in one place. Have copies of important documents.”

3. Track Down Irish Pubs

“If you want to meet up with other travellers seek out an Irish pub, pretty much every big city on Earth has one and they will usually have English-speaking travellers and expats who have advice on where you are and possibly will invite you on adventures.”

4. Always Be Early

“Give yourself extra time for layovers. A couple of hours sitting reading a book or getting a bite to eat is a lot less stressful than running through the airport trying to catch your next flight.”

5. Don’t Forget To Rest

“Give yourself a day of rest. You might think is stupid and a waste of time, but knowing you’re kicking back and relaxing in a foreign place feels amazing.”

6. Be More Extrovert

“Put yourself out there. Walk up to that random group of people your age at a hostel, introduce yourself, and make friends/have people to go out with. Travelling solo can be super lonely, and if you’re an introvert at home, chances are you’ll avoid meeting people while abroad too, without intentional effort.”

7. Don’t Live Through Your Camera

“Whenever you go somewhere, don’t immediately take out your camera to snap a photo. Take in the majesty of where you are and remember the effort it took to get there. Enjoy the view and listen to the sounds. Since you’re with nobody, see your destination with your eyes before you take out your camera.”

8. Be Flexible

“Sometimes, you’ll meet people who are doing something today that you were going to do tomorrow, and it’s perfectly fine to shift stuff around. It’s also useful to have contingencies, because plans will fall through.”

9. Scout Out Walking Tours

“Look for a ‘free walking tour’ in the city. They usually meet in a popular touristy area at like 10 or 11am, and then head off. Usually they are 2-3 hours long with a 15-30 minute break in the middle for lunch. They are ‘free’ but you’re expected to tip the tour guide. They can also make all sorts of awesome suggestions for dinner, shows, places to go, etc.”

10. Meet Locals

“Go to pubs and meet locals. So many people stick to meeting other travellers and only seeing tourist destinations. Locals can show you some of the best hidden gems in their cities.”

11. Plan Routes In Detail

“If you’re travelling around your destination by public transit instead of driving or walking, research the area’s systems (and how they work) and the routes from where you’re staying to where you want to go before you leave. The neighbourhoods you’ll be going into/through, as well. Know as much as you can about where you’re going to be on your trip before you leave home.”

12. Stay One Step Ahead

“Pickpockets often hang out around the ‘beware of pickpockets’ signs. Tourists see the sign and instinctively check their wallet, saving the pickpocket the effort of finding it.”

13. Embrace A Digital Detox

“Take your headphones out so you can become more aware of your surroundings. Get off social media so you can be more engaged with your surroundings.”

14. Take Ziploc Bags

“They keep the smell of dirty clothes from making the rest of your stuff smell dirty. Also handy for keeping objects dry and quickly packing and unpacking.”

15. Stay At Hostels

“Pretty much everyone else is in the same boat as you, probably travelling alone. You’ll make friends quickly and have people to check out the sites/do activities with.”

16. Take A Waterproof Pouch

“Keep your passport and other important documents in a waterproof pouch. Nothing is worse than getting your passport drenched in water because of unexpected rain.”

17. Pack Wisely

“Pack for every different type of weather you can encounter at where you’re going. Generally rain, heat, and cold.”

18. Take Document Backups

“Take a photo of all your documents and then upload to a cloud storage.”

19. Don’t Overload Yourself

“Pack light, you will realise you only need the bare essentials to get by. Your back and joints will thank you in the long run too.”

20. Stay Safe

“Have a designated person back home who knows where you are and when you should check in with them. If you go missing, they will be able to provide details.”