The Past... But Here Comes My Superhero!

The Past... But Here Comes My Superhero!

It's funny how one situation can bring back memories of something painful...

I've had this happen over the last few months, it's been hard to not get tangled up in it. When something happens in your past that you take months/ years to get over and recover from when something comes back up or reminds you of it can be bloody painful. Well that's happened to me, it's a weird thing because I thought I was over it and I thought I had "healed" from it. I'm not going to go into details about it because here is not the place to get stuck into it but what I will say is it's not the worst thing in the world to happen to someone but for someone like myself who is pretty sheltered and protected life it pretty much took me out pretty majorly.

My life has been great but when I was younger it was bloody tough. My family are great and they helped me through it, last night my mum helped me again. Thank goodness for mothers! She just always has the best advice, no matter what it has to do with she is just the exact right person to ask advice from. Boys, university, friends, money... my mum just knows the right answer and she knows when I need a hug and when I need a slap back into reality. WIthout her I really don't think I would be who I am today.

Last night was one of those minutes when I needed her advice. I needed her protective and soothing words. When I felt my heartbreak again she was there to protect me. I'm 21 years old and still the best thing in the world is talking to my mum. She is such an inspiration to me. I grew up not understanding everything she gave up, only now can I see how much she loved me, or loves me. Being at university is really hard, everybody says that. She got her honours degree by being a single mother with a somewhat challenging pre-teen child and holding down a full time job. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I'm struggling with my honours year, I am unemployed and a full time student with no children... HOW DID SHE DO IT?? Throughout my childhood she always wanted better for us, she always strived for us to have the best. She has taught me how to be not only a decent human being but an honest one. I can't thank her and the rest of my family for a concrete and solid upbringing.

Last night was a weird time but luckily I had her there to talk to. If I didn't I would of had to buy a tub of ice cream and cry my feelings away. It was horrible to think that if she wasn't there I would of sunken into a lot of past hurt...


Does anybody else feel like this about someone in their life? If so who and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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