16/12/2013 08:57 GMT | Updated 15/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Art for Work's Sake

I firmly believe that creativity breeds creativity, and when it comes to the working environment, people are affected by their workspace far more than they may realise. As most of us spend more waking hours in the workplace than anywhere else, we should be making our office spaces as inviting as possible.

It seems daft then that so many offices are boring, drab environments, matching grey with grey. If employers want their workers to remain motivated and productive, surely they should be creating working spaces to reflect that?

I get that for many, changing the physical layout of the office just isn't an option, cost being a major restriction. But there is a simple way to instantly lift the atmosphere of a space and that is art. Art that looks great, that is interesting and stimulating, around your office is a great way to inspire creativity within a workspace. Being creative around your desk, within your personal space can also make you feel relaxed and inspired.

The environment around us fundamentally influences how we perform and how we spend our time. The happier people are in the workplace, the more likely they are to stay there. People appreciate their employers caring about their wellbeing. Investing time in creating a stimulating environment, of which art can be a significant element, is important for employer and employee.

And this isn't just opinion; research has also shown that staff work 15% more efficiently in an office decorated with art and plants and when staff decorated their own office space, productivity increased by 30%.

Bringing art that reflects your company's brand and culture is a great way to subtly tell that story to everyone who visits your office. It can be a handy ice breaker in meetings. It can also add character to companies who perhaps aren't traditionally viewed as 'fun' industries by bringing the office to life. We like to add art that has relevance to the buildings and surroundings, which may draw from the Beatles running into Marylebone Station to tweaking the portrait of a former US president.

Colour is also important in creating the desired feel within a space. If chosen purposefully it can help to influence mood and behaviour. A piece of art is a way to even more powerfully encourage a specific emotional state. Art shouldn't be something that is confined to a gallery it should be something that we welcome into our daily lives to inspire creativity. What better time to come into contact with art than when we are trying to be productive and come up with new ideas at work.

Throughout history, large works of art have been created and employed effectively by those wishing to forcefully convey an idea or position. Businesses are now realising that art in the office can be beneficial in celebrating the character and brand identity of a company whilst creating a happier workforce, so an investment that pays off.