11/01/2016 07:47 GMT | Updated 08/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Free Lunchers Don't Have a Clue What Brexit Britain Would Be Like!

Life has taught me a few very sound lessons, and one of the most basic is that you don't ever get something for nothing, which sounds much better in the phrase 'there's no such thing as a free lunch.' Which, it would seem, is exactly what the likes of Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage of the Europe Quitters Campaign, would have us believe.

According to this ragtag bunch - who've clearly never run a successful business - the UK can opt out of all the associated costs of being part of Europe while still enjoying all the trade and other benefits. That's the fantasy world that these 'Free Lunchers' are trying to convince people to vote for, and I for one aren't buying it.

I recently asked people to consider the likelihood that the UK could opt out of paying its dues to the EU by leaving, while retaining all the benefits of membership.

I said that I didn't believe that such a golden ticket existed in the real world, and agreed with Stuart Rose, that those who did were living in a 'fantasy world', and that quite clearly the Free Lunchers of the leave movement have no idea what Brexit Britain would look like.

The response from the Free Lunchers was as swift as it was disgraceful, and was delivered via a Twitter troll account called @eureferendum, claiming to be working directly for Aaron Banks and Andy Wigmore of

Instead of countering with argument the troll tactics decided to urge people to boycott Pimlico Plumbers because I have publicly adopted a pro-Europe stance. This in my mind is nothing short of despicable and shows how lacking in moral fiber and just plain desperate these people are.

I have very broad shoulders and am happy to take whatever people throw at me. I've been knocked out cold in the boxing ring fighting for London against Wales, and I almost lost my business to the banks during the recession of the early 1990s. But, to attack the livelihoods of my 300 workers who rely on Pimlico Plumbers to support their families because of my views, is cowardly and below the belt.

It also shows something quite ugly just under the surface of in that it is prepared to attack a vehemently pro-British business in order to achieve its political goals. They would have us believe that by being anti-EU they are for all things British, but it turns out they are prepared to stomp into the dust anyone who disagrees with them, be they British or European.

I look forward to enjoying more troll attacks, as they just prove the desperation of those who for reasons that are usually unspoken, want Britain out of the EU.

So I'm in total agreement with Stuart Rose when he says it's about time this bunch of snake oil salesmen abandoned this ridiculous fantasy world position and started telling the truth. And the truth is that the Free Lunchers don't have a scooby what Brexit Britain would look like, and if you listen to their confused utterances this fact is pretty clear.

I could go on, but this little video lays bare the confusion of the Free Lunchers far more effectively than I can, so without further ado I give you Carswell & Co on Brexit Britain!