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Frights, Late Nights and Delivery Delights

It's late October, so we all know what that means... and no, this is not a reference to how many sleeps it is before christmas! Seriously! Its the fear time of the year, its Halloween, and this year I had the pleasure of attending Thorpe Parks Fright Nights.

So, its been a pretty manic few weeks since I last wrote, but boy do I have a lot to tell you.

It's late October, so we all know what that means... and no, this is not a reference to how many sleeps it is before christmas! Seriously! Its the fear time of the year, its Halloween, and this year I had the pleasure of attending Thorpe Parks Fright Nights. I am a big fan of slasher films, crime documentaries and a bit of gore. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited for this night! After a 40 minute travel of anticipation, my terror buddy, Ashley James and I made it. Instantly greeted by a murderous looking Hilary Clinton, less than friendly looking clown and what I can only describe as an oversized, dirty, adult baby. After side stepping cautiously away from the warming cast of wrong turn, it was off into the park.

Feeling some liquid courage was necessary, we pit stopped for a pre scare pint and moment to gather our hypothetical balls. Revived and rejuvenated, it was off into the unknown, where, pardon my french but merde got real! Zombies popping out of bushes, vampires behind doors and crazy people running around frantically with weapons of man distruction. It was at that point, I realised, that eating a heavy meal prior to the scare fest was clearly an amateur decision on my part! Also, sadly, It didn't work out too well for the bin outside either, where I performed a glorious food show and tell. Feeling a little lighter after my exorcism, it was off for a spot of shocking at the freak show circus. Luckily for me, the most alarming part was a clown jumping out at me and accidentally nutting me in the face (well I can only hope accidentally). I do have to say though, the rides were fantastic, the mazes were wonderfully terrifying and frustrating and the actors were an absolute treat. So if you want a halloween thrill, check it out!

A highlight of this week was the clothing label Sister Jane's, new collection, private dinner, launch. Not only because I love the label and obviously for the free food, it also gave me a chance to hang out with some of London's best fashion boozers and party goers. These included Diana Vickers, Laura Hayden, Kara rose Marshall, Lilah Parsons & Rosie Fortescue. True to expectation, the food was tasty but light and the wine was overflowing. It also mysteriously kept refilling its self up meaning this night could only go one way. The best way!

The next few hours consisted of much drinking, chatting, some daring, even a mini photoshoot and playing dress up. So after exhausting all that we could there, it was time to leave. So off we went, walking down the street like something out of a Taylor Swift squad video, except, with a half empty bottle in hand and stumbling instead of strutting. It was only after I completely stacked it, falling on my face, that I then decided maybe it would be a good time to call it a night. I did have my radio show to do in the morning after all! I am such a professional!

So this may not be the most redeeming subject to talk about, but, its my favourite thing i've done in a very long time. So picture this. I woke up feeling a little low, and yes, it was that lady time of the month. Anyway, the door bell rang, so I crawled to the door like something out of the grudge (apologies must go out to the postman, he must have thought I was trying out my halloween outfit early). So I opened the door and he handed me a parcel with my name on it. Slightly confused at this point as I wasn't expecting any parcels. Feeling like christmas came early, I ripped it open to find a pair or green dinosaur novelty slippers inside. To some people this may be the lamest presents ever, but these are the sorts of things I had as a child and blooming loved.

It was then time to work out who had got me the amazing gift. Who knew me so well? Who would buy such a genius prezzie? So, step one, I looked at the packaging. It was from ebay. I could tell my sherlock skills were just getting started. Step two, I then opened up the paper in the box to get more of a clue who the mystery sender was. It was then, when I saw my name, that it dawned on me. I had ordered it for myself blind drunk a few days previous. So sadly my secret admirer was indeed myself! Now, I'm not suggesting you go and get drunk especially to buy yourself something nice or pretty. I'm just saying, when you are slightly intoxicated, make the most of it. After all, you know yourself the best. If anyone out there is going to buy you something you know you'll love, its gonna be you.

Also this week I was set the task to write a blog on 'How to land yourself a rich husband". Now lets be honest, I didn't choose this subject for myself. I cant even land myself a poor one let alone one with money, but, to be fair, it was incredibly fun to write. So if you fancy a light hearted look at how to entrap your own sugar daddy, take a look at DoItInLondon

On second thought, writing the Rich Husband article is probably why I was generously sent a crate of energy drinks called Pussy. You know, to start off my cat collection of singledom, one step closer to Bridget Jones status. Although they are surprisingly delicious. So thanks Pussy for my pity party...

In other strange news, I also walked an alpaca. Yes,you read that correctly. You can pay to go to farms to walk Alpacas around a field, feed them and take photos with them. This was my Aunties gift to my mother for her 60th Birthday. Not something I ever thought I would do but fun none the less. Sadly mine wasn't as into me as I had hoped. I found this out the hard when I offered my hand out to stroke him and he spat in my face! I have a real way with the guys!

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