Charlotte de Carle

Model, Presenter, DJ, Blogger & Professional Twat

Charlotte is a British Fashion model with over 5 years experience standing still and posing in the fashion industry. This has lead to her try out new things, through slight boredom and exploration. Not like "keys in a bowl" new things, like Acting, presenting, DJing and writing.

She appeared in a sit com, plus many TV commercials, but decided she preferred to be herself more. This led her into presenting. After years of partying and listening to really bad DJs attempting to mix in clubs, she also discovered her love for Music. It was at this point, she decided she would learn to DJ. She now hosts a weekly radio show talking all that is east London, with a 90s nostalgia theme, as well as DJing fashion events and shows.

Coming from a writing background it was only a matter of time before she started to write down her weird, clumsy and wonderful happenings. This is done with a dry, sarcastic, slightly raw twist. So if you fancy something different, here it is..

Instagram @charlottedecarle