Why Are We Letting Celebrities Parent our Children?

Why Are We Letting Celebrities Parent our Children?

Of late, I have been making a very conscious effort to refrain from writing anything slightly controversial. But following the backlash concerning Chris Brown's performance at the Grammy awards and then the almost collapse of my twitter timeline on release of the Rihanna-Chris Brown tracks, I had to voice some opinion. Even CNN published a pretty lengthy article about it!

I had to react to all the 'what message does this send out to our children' comments via Facebook.

Here are some things to clear before I continue with this 'rant'. I do enjoy Chris Brown's music. Yes, what he did in 2009 to Rihanna was inexcusable, I am not here to plead his case with anyone; everyone is entitled freely to think whatever he or she chooses of him.

My problem with the situation [the backlash] is the continuous use of the 'ROLE MODEL' argument! Really, are parents now reliant on celebrities to parent their children? Is that really what society has come to?

The Chris Brown-Rihanna situation is not the only case, of course. There are many more but I guess, this is most recent hence why I have used it as an example.

Dear 2012 parents,

Celebrities usually don't become that [celebs] because they want to be role models. (Granted once in that scenario, they should make an effort but *remember* they are human and make mistakes too - believe it or not)

Most of these people are doing a j-o-b, maybe more glamorous and public than our 9 to 5s but a job nonetheless.

The whole 'what message does that send out to our children' argument only reflects badly on today's parents (and their parenting)!! It is up to you as a parent to teach your children that violence, smoking, crimes, sexting or whatever else you deem bad or negative is a big NO! NO!

It's not up to some 16, 20 or 22 year old boy or girl to do that job for you.

So please stop with the "what message..." and focus on being a positive influence on us, kids.

Truly yours,

a 2012 kid

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