08/01/2016 11:03 GMT | Updated 07/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Survey Reveals 'Scandalous' Pay Position for Teachers

A new survey by the NASUWT has found that more than half of teachers (57%) across England have not received or had confirmed that they will receive their 1% pay award this year.

The survey, which attracted almost 7,000 responses from our members, revealed disturbing results showing that of those eligible for pay progression, 47% had either been refused or had not had a decision made by their school.

Furthermore, almost six in ten teachers (59%) said their schools had not confirmed time for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for this year, and more than four in ten teachers (41%) had not had their professional development priorities discussed as part of their performance management planning.

This current position on teachers' pay is quite frankly scandalous.

As a result of the excessive flexibilities and increased discretion over pay matters given to schools, evidence shows that unfairness and discriminatory practice is rife.

Many teachers no longer have any idea of what their pay entitlements are or what their expectations should be.

Although the 2015-16 pay award should have been made on 1st September, some teachers are still waiting for their employers' decision and some have received only part of their entitlement. Statutory provisions are being ignored. Relatively few teachers have received the award in full.

The changes to the pay system were never, as the Government claimed, about paying good teachers more, they were always about paying everyone less.

With teachers' starting salaries now at least 20% below the salaries of other graduate professions, increasing barriers to pay progression being erected and excessive workload blighting teachers' lives, is it any wonder that morale is at an all-time low, resignations are at an all-time high and there is a teacher supply crisis?

Under this Government, children and young people have lost their basic entitlement to be taught by those who are recognised and rewarded as highly-skilled professionals.