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How NFC Could Change Your Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a great way to get your business's name out there and literally get it where everyone can see. Companies have been using this type of advertising for years; whether it is on our high-streets, on the underground or at the side of a busy motorway and it is a great way to reach a high number of people at once. However this type of advertising and marketing could be set to change with the introduction of a new piece of technology that is poised to be rolled out on mass in the near future.

NFC or near field communication has been developed as the latest way consumers can interact with their favourite brands by way of buying their products and services, and combined with current banner advertising it could be set to transform the way businesses market themselves.

What is Near Field Communication?

At the moment this technology is still in the early stages and most of the examples in use are limited as to how much of this potentially game changing software they show off. It's all about taking something that the majority of us now carry around on a daily basis, the smartphone, and turning it into a valuable purchasing tool. Some of the latest mobiles are using this technology to help them charge up simply by being near a power source and not directly connected to it, but this is just the start of things to come.

Technology is constantly being developed to improve our lives and make the tasks that fill our days simpler and quicker to complete and this is just the next step. So what can we look forward to with NFC in the future?

How Will NFC Change Banner Advertising?

At the moment vinyl banners and poster ads are used by many companies to advertise their products and services but, although they do a great job of creating awareness, companies still have to rely on the consumer to follow up on the call to action that the banner provides further down the line. But what if the whole transaction process was a lot more instantaneous?

Well this doesn't have to be a 'what if' for much longer because the future is likely to include this in practise rather than just in theory. NFC technology will be able to be incorporated into banner advertising so that transactions can be made there and then via the use of the smartest of smartphones. For example, if your banner was advertising a gig from an up and coming teen pop band called 'Union Direction' then an excited young fan could fuel their excitement straight away and purchase tickets for said event simply by tapping their phone on part of the poster.

No longer will companies have to hope that their messages are remembered when the consumer reaches the part of their journey that involves buying but rather take advantage of their impulses in order to increase sales on the spot.

What Else Can NFC Do?

If the rumours are to be believed then NFC could be used for just about anything in the future, and not just restricted to purchases either. As well as being used to pay for goods in the supermarket or to pay your taxi fare; NFC technology combined with a smartphone could help you check into your hotel, order at a restaurant or put your contact details straight onto someone else's phone; all in a way that is quicker, simpler and more impressive than it has ever been before.

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