10/12/2016 13:35 GMT | Updated 11/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Why We Interrupted Jeremy Corbyn's Speech

Jack Taylor via Getty Images

Members of Syria Solidarity UK alongside Peter Tatchell, interrupted Jeremy Corbyn's speech on human rights today, because we believe that Syria is the number one human rights issue of the moment.

The Labour Leader has been conspicuously quiet on the issue; and we wanted to remind him that this is the time for action, not words.

There is cross-party support - over 200 MPs - for immediate airdrops of food for Aleppo and other towns under starvation siege in Syria.

Why doesn't the Labour leadership call for an urgent parliamentary vote, giving the government a clear mandate to do so?

There is agreement that there no technical obstacle to the use of a GPS - guided parachute system. All that is needed is the political will.

Also needed is a UN-supervised safe evacuation process for the White Helmets, at high risk of targeting for torture and death if captured by the regime, as well as the general civilian population.

The General Assembly indicated overwhelming support for this and other measures this week.

We were respectfully pleading with the Labour Leadership to give a strong lead on these matters, on parliament and in the media.

There is no more urgent humanitarian issue than saving the lives of civilians in east Aleppo.

We need action not words on Syria!

Clara Connolly is an immigration and human rights lawyer, and Syria Solidarity UK activist