Prince Harry's Privates

23/08/2012 14:46 BST | Updated 23/10/2012 10:12 BST

Poor Prince Harry.

He stepped straight out of his clothes and into a furore about badly behaved royals, the strangulation of the press and the stripping of his title; and it's all because he got a little wild in Las Vegas.

The Queen's name has been dragged through the glitter and sequin littered mud of sin city and the third in line to her throne is being named and shamed in the press as an out of control, rowdy and over privileged Prince.

"We're being neutered" cry the red tops and the tabloids. The Leveson Inquiry has robbed us tax paying plebs of the only chance we had to hold some minor crown jewels up to our eyes and squint at them through grainy camera phone shots.

Who cares about phone hacking, intrusive journalism and cover ups? The press want to show us Prince Harry's privates and we should be allowed to see them! Except most of us already have.

If you've got access to the Internet then you've already got access to Prince Harry's (discarded) pants and in truth there isn't that much to see.

Some drunken shenanigans, some suspect man jewellery (around his neck and wrist, the pictures are not THAT graphic), a pair of rather skimpy arms and some sturdy, powerful legs.

Oh, and there's also a blonde but she seems to be a lot more shy than Harry.

So what's the big deal?

Who cares?

For most of us Prince Harry is a loveable royal.

He is the son of Diana so that already places him in high esteem with anyone who isn't pushing for a republic. He has looks, charm and humour and he's also thought of as being a hero soldier. Let's not forget he's the brother of William and the brother in law of Kate, England's 2nd most famous power couple (after David & Victoria but miles in front of Elton & David) so we expect him to be badly behaved. William is the heir that lost his hair and Harry is the rakish, out of control younger brother. If you mix posh boys with alcohol you're bound to incite naked posturing and performing and you can multiply that tenfold if the posh boy happens to be ginger and a prince.

I'm happy for Harry to go all over the world ripping his clothes off and downing shots. I don't care if I partly pay for it. Let him have fun! Harry has the Diana touch in as much as he has the support of the girls, the gays, the old, the young and even the white van man.

All of us common folk either want to sleep with him or be him and it could have been so much worse. Imagine if it was Camilla?

Hundreds of years ago our young red headed prince would have been choosing and beheading wives and courtesans willy nilly whereas now we have a young red headed prince drinking and cavorting with Las Vegas show girls and wannabe princesses and showing them his willy.

Times have changed and progress has been made.

It wasn't that long ago when members of the Royal family who displayed any defiance or strength of character where hidden away or simply got rid of so we should be thankful that Harry has decided to be open with his personality as well as his privates.

This year has been a bumper year for the Royals, the Queen had her Jubilee and put us all in a patriotic mood ; as the song says "long may she reign over us" but when it comes to Prince Harry?

Let's hope she see's the funny side and doesn't ever reign him in.