19/02/2016 12:12 GMT | Updated 19/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Tonight's GO Movement Rally Will Be a Show of Strength and Unity From the Leave Campaign

Senior figures from across the political divide will unite tonight with 1,500 activists in Central London in one great cause.

I will stand alongside Conservative colleagues David Davis, Tom Pursglove, Peter Bone and Sir Bill Cash in denouncing this terrible deal for Britain.

We will put party and political differences aside to unite with Labour's Kate Hoey, Ukip's Nigel Farage, trade unionist John Boyd and others of all political colours and none - because the matter of whether Britain governs itself or is ruled by a foreign power is far greater than any routine Left or Right political argument.

The Prime Minister's renegotiation has proved the EU cannot and will not be reformed. He requested little and will be granted even less. In a show of strength tonight, the Leave campaign under the umbrella GO Movement will collectively reject what will be a pitiful deal and issue a call to arms to the British people. Now is the time to get control of our country back.

Brits want to run their own affairs, have control of their own borders and not be sending billions of pounds a year to Brussels.

But following this renegotiation, much heralded by those my colleague Liam Fox calls the 'Remainians', we will still have open borders and a migration policy that discriminates against our Commonwealth friends. We still won't know who is coming and who is going at our ports. And in three or four years time our doors will be open to the millions of migrants who will have entered Germany and other EU member states, including the perpetrators of the abhorrent Cologne sex attacks.

Following this renegotiation, we will still pay the European Union £55m a day for the privilege of being a member of this Superstate, a Superstate that has placed enormous burdens on our small and medium sized businesses, destroyed our fishing industry and has grand ambitions to coordinate continental defence in an EU Army, undermining the crucial NATO alliance.

And following this renegotiation, we will still not have the right to make our own laws in our own parliament - and a country that cannot make its own laws gives up its claims to be a sovereign nation. Instead, over 60 per cent of the legislation that affects the British people will continue to be set in Brussels - where sole power for initiating and scrapping it lies with unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats.

So what was the point of this renegotiation charade? lt will merely tinker with some of the huge problems the British public has with our EU membership - and it will fail completely to address border control, cost and sovereignty. In short, it is simply not worth the paper it is written on.

The most bizarre aspect of this whole affair is that the European Parliament will be able to veto the deal in the event the British people vote to remain. I for one will not be supporting this irrelevant, hopeless agreement if it does indeed come to a vote. Of course, I hope it does not.

Tonight, the GO Movement sends a simple message to the European Union elite. This deal is not good enough - and we want our country back.

To the British public we say - we don't have to put up with this any longer. A vote to remain would put the long term security of our currency, City of London and of our whole nation at risk. A vote to leave is the safer option. It is a vote for a great trade deal and to run our own affairs once again.

Britain deserves better than being ruled from Brussels and Berlin. We must now have the courage to free ourselves from the burdensome, shrinking and diminishing European Union - and rejoin the wider world.