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For British students, discussion on the EU boils down to several issues, one being Erasmus. The myth being pedalled by the NUS is that, if we leave the EU, all opportunities for students to study abroad will cease overnight. Yet from Chiba University in Japan to the University of Campinas in Brazil, the Erasmus programme extends far beyond EU member states. Simply put, no students planning to head to the EU whether in the interim period or longer term after we voted to leave would be affected.
Backlash time after his 'back of the queue' threat
Brexit campaigners have ridiculed Barack Obama for threatening the UK with a backlash if it quits the EU. A new attack ad
Our democratic rights are all we have to protect us from tyranny and poor government. We must not sell them for the illusion of a pot of EU gold. People on both sides will try to use scare stories of immigration, risks to the economy, house prices, war and all sorts of other noisy issues, but, at its quiet heart, democracy is the defining issue of this referendum.
A pro-'Brexit' campaign group wrongly attributed a quote from the Daily Mail to one of Brussel's top officials in a bid to
The Boris Johnson backed group has won designation
The Electoral Commission today ruled the Boris Johnson-backed Vote Leave group will be the official Brexit campaign for the
Brexit group Vote Leave has been designated the official Leave campaign for the upcoming EU referendum. The Electoral Commission