04/08/2016 12:22 BST | Updated 05/08/2017 06:12 BST

The Real Silent Majority

Peter Nicholls / Reuters

Standing with great character and integrity. A good man, a man of strength, conviction and unwavering beliefs. A group of his supporters at the DNC convention stood frustrated, placards held high, still desperate for this good man to come to the fore, and yet his moment had passed.

It takes someone truly special to put many of his own beliefs to one side for the greater good. Rarely have I been so impressed by a politician willing to reprimand his own supporters, instructing them in no uncertain terms to come together for the challenges ahead.

Bernie Sanders has won my respect like few politicians have in many years. Hacked emails showing the 'dark arts' of political campaigning, and a financial powerhouse that he could never have truly competed with. His supporters find much of it distasteful, but as we all know, this has been a part of the American political process since time and immemorial, by both Democrats and Republicans.

I did not agree with many of his policies, he would not have received my vote. However, unlike the UK's present Labour Party leader, Sanders is a man who sees the bigger picture. The courage to stand aside at the right time, to make sure the fight against a serial liar, racist and all round fear monger, is given the collective political campaign power needed in the months to come.

The basic difference in human characteristics between Sanders and Corbyn, in my view, comes down to humility of character, along with an understanding of the bigger picture, and a simple political reality: No matter what type of democratic political system a country may have; the winning of a general election, must come first and foremost in a political parties thought processes and actions.

Those who wholeheartedly disagree with her, cannot unless in total denial, argue against the fact that Theresa May, carries with her prodigious front bench governmental and political experience, having been the longest serving Home Secretary for over a century. She's politically astute and charismatic, as we saw during her first appearance at Prime Minsters Question Time, when she ran rough shod over Corbyn, leaving him looking like an errant schoolboy. The Conservative Party have chosen the perfect leader to take on Corbyn.

Various recent polls have the Conservative Party between eleven and sixteen points ahead of Labour, which is almost unheard of during a sitting governments mid-term standing. The Labour leader and his cadre's response was to once again cover themselves within the comfort of what they believe to be 'the majority' i.e. Momentum organised rallies...

Jeremy Corbyn will win the Labour Party leadership contest, this so called free and fair election, made up of people who are unelected and for the most part unknown, but have paid between £3.92 and £25.00, get the gig. It seems my vote for an MP holds little if any meaning within the Labour Party itself.

Yes, yes, I know what many will say, if I want a chance to choose the leader I should pay up etc. BUT I've already had my say, I, like what I believe to be millions of now sadly former Labour supporters, entrust the choice of leader to my MP, even when I'm not always in total agreement.

Without having to bolster any political party bank account, in a voting booth, usually every election cycle, I have my say. Nothing was learnt in the last election by some in the Labour Party, the vote for leader was hijacked, hence the present farce.

How shameful it is that Jeremy Corbyn lacks the courage to learn from a man of true integrity like Bernie Sanders. The UK is one of the world's oldest democracies, a marvellous thing to behold. Corbyn and his supporter's pitiful arrogance will result in what will be, in parliamentary voting terms, a democratically elected one party state. I am left in no doubt whatsoever, that they will be quite happy, so long as they can find someone else to blame when the inevitable happens.

Over 80% of Labour MPs are not trying kick out Corbyn as a result of a collective brain freeze. It is because, having felt the rocky waters of their constituencies, they have absolutely no belief in him when it comes to winning a general election. Whether or not these MPs liked or voted for him initially, if all they heard from a majority of their constituents was support for a Corbyn-led Labour Party, and believed their seat would be safe, most would have little reason to kick him out. Stupid at times they may be, but Labour MPs from all wings of the party have no interest whatsoever in losing a general election.

The truth is, as far as the Labour Party is concerned, I am now part of the 'Silent Majority', not the Corbynistas.