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Five Ways to Change the Media You're Exposed To!

The media we're all force fed through newspapers and magazines is damaging - they want us to hate our bodies. 5 ways to change this and help yourself see the world through new eyes.

The media we're all force fed through newspapers and magazines is damaging - they want us to hate our bodies. 5 ways to change this and help yourself see the world through new eyes.

You only have to open up a magazine to see tips on how to drop 10 lbs in a month or how to get beach ready. All of those articles might seem like insignificant reading the effect they have on us is massive. We're taught to hate our bodies without even realising it, by a media who want us to buy into the fact that we need to be 'flawless' in order to be happy. They want us to buy magazine after magazine in the hope that the next fad diet they reveal to us works - but there is a way out.

As a plus size blogger I have come across loads of inspirational women who have helped me fall in love with myself and you can feel exactly the same about yourself, with the right influences.

Just because this is the media that is fed to us, that doesn't mean we have to listen. There is a whole new world of media and influences which can have a much more positive effect on the way we see the world. Rather than thoughtlessly reading these 'helpful' tips on how to live a better life, why not read articles or listen to poetry that actually tell us that our life is fine just the way it is.

1 - Read New Journalists

Not every single journalist out there wants to drip feed us information in order to influence us into make our waists smaller. Instead there are journalists like Natasha Devon who write sensible articles on how health is a much bigger picture. She is part of the Body Gossip charity that goes into high schools to help educate teenagers on body image and embracing the way they look

2 - Plus Size Bloggers

To be honest it doesn't need to be plus size bloggers, but those are the ones I have the most experience with. People like The Militant Baker and Marilyn Wann write plenty of posts about size and how you can love the skin you're in - and the journey they have been on to get to that position.

3 - Change The Fashion You See

As much as there are bloggers that write about body image, there are plenty of them that simply put on pretty dresses and show off their look. We're so used to seeing models in magazines with the 'perfect' shape and flawless skin that it can be hard to feel great about ourselves when we compare ourselves with them. When you read blogs you get an insight into how normal people wear their clothes and even just how people are without photo-shop. With this type of media, comparing yourself to them and realising that you look just fine becomes much easier. Some of my favourites include Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, What Laura Loves and U Can't Wear That

4 - Body Positive Art

If you're into art and you want to see things from a new perspective them artists like Carol Rossetti can be a major influence in this. Much like modelling photos that we see, we're used to seeing slim bodies, blemish free bodies and bodies free of lumps and bumps. The art created by Carol Rossetti puts a new perspective on this and can help you to see things in a new light.

5 - Body Image Positive Music

Whether it's All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor or Try by Colbie Caillat, it is quite easy to surround yourself with new music to influence the way you think.

The media that surrounds us all, influences us even when we don't realise it - which is why advertising is SO powerful. We become used to seeing airbrushed bodies, slim bodies on the beach and the perfect figure in our magazines. By changing the media that you see, listen to or read you can help to expand the influences you see - and that is one step closer to living the skin you are in!