body confidence

Author and activist Bryony Gordon has issued an open invitation to love your body this summer.
"All bodies are valid and we have the right to enjoy life as we are, without guilt or shame."
I always struggled with body image, with being pretty enough. Then I found out I had a precancerous tumour growing in my face.
One in four women aren't comfortable in their skin – so we asked the three in four for help.
The new Mothercare ad campaign highlights the importance of real representation of mothers not long after they have given birth. The photographs are untouched. It has been hailed as a triumph for women and is the latest in a line of campaigns looking to change the conversation around body image.
The number of women I know who didn’t feel-self conscious after a baby can be counted on my fingers - she’ll be paranoid about whether or not you still find her as attractive as you did before
Nobody at my gym looks the same, we all have different ambitions - but when women are paying £5,000 to get a six-pack, we know there's something wrong
A year ago if you’d told me I’d be okay with not a single hair on my head, I’d have thought you were mad
'If you’re putting something out there that represents women, you should be representing more than one type of woman.'