02/11/2015 06:24 GMT | Updated 31/10/2016 05:12 GMT

Six Reasons to Bring Mindfulness to Your Workplace

In our busy workplaces we have so many things to think about, above all our health needs to come first. Bringing a culture of mindfulness to the workplace will not only support wellbeing but also working relationships, motivation, organisation and productivity.

1. Spending so much time rushing from one task to another? This often results in forgetfulness, not remembering things you agreed to or not completing a job properly. No wonder we feel exhausted and burnt out. Multitasking isn't always effective, being fully involved in each event at work proceeded by pauses results in greater productivity and a calmer mind which is able to cope.

2. Too much conflict? Mindfulness sparks off neurological changes including emotional intelligence. Being more aware and standing back from situations encourages an ability to self regulate our behaviour and gain perspective before acting. Mindfulness engages our brains in an ability to see things clearer enabling choice over how to respond rather than emotional reactions. We naturally become more compassionate and this rubs off on those around us too.

3. Dwelling on yesterday's mistakes or dreading tomorrow's challenges? Mindfulness brings confidence in being with the moment, allowing emotions to rise and pass in our experience. When we don't dwell on mishaps we are free to connect with the current days challenges and bring the best of ourselves to daily tasks.

4. Eating at your desk? Not only is this bad for your office mates and your digestion but it also means you don't get a break. Often after eating at our desk we feel an afternoon slump. We also haven't actually tasted the food. Take a walk or join someone for lunch. Just a short break from your environment brings closure to the mornings hassles and leaves you fresh for the afternoons expectations.

5. Is your boss sat next to you in the car on your commute? During the commute this is an excellent time to have space for you. If you spend the journey running through conversations in your head you may just find yourself arriving to work or home in a bad mood. Developing a mindful approach to your commute by being with all that's happening around you, you are not only a better driver but you will find you arrive in a more productive and cheerful mood.

6. Lacking confidence? When we spend time thinking about 1001 things and worrying we are unable to develop a strong sense of self. Being mindful, taking breaks, spending short periods following your breath and noticing the rise and passing of emotions will cultivate a stronger sense of self, bringing confidence and enthusiasm to your approach to work.