19/06/2014 12:08 BST | Updated 17/08/2014 06:59 BST

What Would Princess Diana Do?

Unlike her sons, William and Harry, Diana would surely boycott the Dorchester and the other high end hotels owned Mr. Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan of Brunei), in protest against his enactment of laws that include death by stoning for 'homosexual acts'.

I think many people had such high hopes for her lads, Harry looking dashing in his dust covered fatigues in Afghanistan and even better naked in Las Vegas, though the Nazi uniform was a fashion forward mistake. William was even better - he stood up to 'THE FIRM' as it is known and let it be known that if Kate's parent's weren't invited to private royal events he would not be attending either. Diana was said to have been terribly isolated and unhappy because of this strange royal protocol and he was even more forceful about how he and Kate would be bringing up their child.

So it was a shame to see Kate slipping like an adulteress from a blacked out car to the servant's entrance of the Dorchester earlier this week. How the Firm must have loved that - her parents are trade don't you know! To be fair, the event was the wedding of her cousin, Adam Middleton, and the venue was presumably chosen a long time ago and could not easily be changed. So perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt - unless she does it again.

But Harry and Wills have no such excuse for playing Polo over the weekend at Cosworth Park, Ascot, also owned by Hassanal. Really - polo for a man who calls for the murder of innocents - seems obvious what Diana would have done.

If they have forgotten the example of their mother, then they could turn instead to the true queen of fashion, Anna Wintour, who has made it clear that neither she nor any Vogue editors will set foot in any of Hassanal's properties (he dies his hair and goatee boot black - a real fashion faux pas) even though Le Meurice in Paris has long been a fashion must.

The Beverly Hills Hotel has been more or less emptied out of celebs who will no longer be seen there and it is losing millions. I do not have the liquid funds to indulge in such rich surroundings so it is easier for me not to give my money to a man who wants to kill me, but I hope others won't either. Not that oil rich Hassanal need care, as he is said to be worth over £20 billion. But such people do care about how others perceive them (think Putin bare-chested astride a stallion). I know what Diana would have done - she would have turned on her well shod Manolos and walked away. It's time for Kate and the boys to do the same.