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Three Stress-Busting Mantras

3 Stress-Busting Mantras

Stress is all around us, an inescapable by-product of work, school, inter-personal relationships, and even physical challenges. Stress kills. It robs us of our vitality, reduces our ability react and respond, and decreases our productivity by triggering stress hormones in the body that are damaging and toxic. But when we learn to manage our stress, we inoculate ourselves from heart problems, ulcers, poor immune function, and many other life-threatening illnesses and diseases.

These soothing Mantras will help release you from earthbound worries and gain a new perspective on your life. When you feel yourself in a stressful situation, you can use these mantras as a pattern interrupt to keep your mind from traveling down the road of habitual stressful thoughts. This will avoid the cascade of health-damaging stress hormones that can be released as a result.

Close your eyes and give yourself permission to relax. Soon you will feel stress melt away and be replaced by a healthy sense of calmness, optimism, and hope.

By using theses Magical Mantras throughout the week you will:

*Learn to Relax

*Change Your Mindset

*Nurture Mind, Body and Soul

So, now, if you're ready, here are your 3 Mantras to decrease your stress and experience deep relaxation.

*I feel so comfortable as I learn to detach from stress. I release the things that are not my responsibility to control.

* I can feel wonderful, relaxed and comfortable whenever I choose and

I choose to focus on the things I can control.

*Because of my newfound ability to relax, I am so much more confident in all areas of my life.

To make this experience more enjoyable and effective, treat yourself to 10-15 of downtime. Lie down in a comfortable place, put on some soft music and close your eyes. Before you begin working with your mantras, lighten your mind by picturing all your worries and concerns being placed into an imaginary bubble. Allow the bubble to drift up and off into space and disappear. Then, repeat, the mantras, slowly and purposely, and allow their energetic vibration to flow through and relax all the muscles in your body.

Alternatively, you can repeat these mantras during a meditation session. Meditation will take you on a mental journey, whilst re-programming your mind to better cope with stress.

En-joy and let me know how you go!

Dr. Michelle is a global leader in meditation and manifesting techniques and specializes in "Spiritual Makeovers". See how fun, fast and enjoyable your own personal transformation can be with her MEDITATION SPA APP or FREE MINI E-COURSE.

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