18/08/2015 06:17 BST | Updated 17/08/2016 06:59 BST

Life is Never on Diversion or Detour


Do you ever feel like you are the only one clapping on the off-beat at a concert? Maybe the one swaying in the 'wrong' direction for the ballad?

(I just have to say, and I know our HSP readers will likely relate, thank goodness at concerts mobile phones are now used for lights to sway with! My HSP self was always sure someone's hair was going to be set on fire when lighters were used! Ok, just had to get that out there.)

We know for sure that some of you have grown up feeling like you have a lousy fit life! Unfortunately for many if not most Highly Sensitive women (HSPs) feeling 'off-beat' is an easily recognisable and pretty common feeling.

As an HSP I have gone through the majority of my life (well since becoming a precociously conscious child) feeling like everyone else had received the 'right' sheet music except me. I definitely hummed my own tune. And that has never stopped no matter what decade I am living.

It's not easy always being out-of-sync,

but it is definitely more interesting!

Of course being off-time presents some 'sticky-wickets' to navigate!

• returning to school later in life

• changing career directions in your 50s

• being 60 and not having grandchildren

• having chosen to never marry

• having chosen to remain child-free

• hitting your fame and fortune in your 60s not 30s

• heading into your 60s and not thinking about retirement

• having kids in your 40s or even 50s instead of your 20s or 30s

• losing parents when you are young

• having caring responsibility for parents before the decade you expected to

• returning to the dating scene in your 50s or 60s

• dating someone much younger (you go girl!)

Like we said, sticky wickets, but the majority of our angst comes from cultural attitudes and beliefs about what is the 'right time' in life. That attitude is just sooo old! It is time to throw out the rule book. Give up the notion of 'right or wrong'.

You get to set the rhythm for your life!

We believe that it's always the 'right'time. We believe you can never be 'off-time' for your life. We believe you are always in exactly the place you are meant to be. Your life is never on diversion or detour. Living this belief takes a major leap of faith. We just know...

You wouldn't be you if you hadn't lived

these 'off-time' experiences.

It certainly means accepting, embracing, and holding high every fabulous HSP molecule of your being. Who cares if you are always out of sync with the masses. You were not designed to be one of the masses!

You are a Burnout Queen! You are unique.

Here's one great tip:

Make this your mantra. Now stick it up all over the place so you can see it all the time and soak it in.

"I am always in the place I am meant to be at exactly the right time."

The Burnout Queens xx