03/08/2015 10:59 BST | Updated 31/07/2016 06:59 BST

Time to Blow Your Own Coronet Loudly!

Are you any good at acknowledging your accomplishments? No?

How about your strengths and gifts...?

Well, it's time to get honest, and BOLD, about how great you are! (Felt you cringe.)

As women we were raised and trained to be modest, no bragging, not to be conceited, maybe even not to stand out or rush to be first in line. So guess what, you are justifiably not comfortable blowing our own coronet! But it's time to change that, 'cause after all, where does it get you! Absolutely nowhere. It doesn't pay and we mean that quite literally!

You are not getting the promotions or the pay rises if you can't talk-up your accomplishments, achievements, abilities, capabilities, strengths and greatness. And we know you have all of those in spades! It may not be the most comfortable thing you do, but...

You are a Burnout Queen and it is time to take to your throne...

(mind chatter...but what if the other kids won't like me and I'll be left sitting all alone at recess...umm I meant coffee break...really I meant coffee break).

It's a dilemma. We want others to see us for who we are, we want to be acknowledged for our hard work, our good results, our great people skills, but we are people pleasers and want others to 'like' us! However, if we can't stand tall in our own pumps and proclaim loudly, confidently, even boldly, how absolutely fabulous we are why do we expect others to notice?

Just yesterday one of my absolutely fab VIP clients said she was so happy that during our coaching together she has learned to "shamelessly promote herself". (Those words are music to my ears!) And the outcome...Ta Dah! The promotion she wanted and so deserved! This directorship is the cherry on the cake before she heads off to even bigger and better things. She knows she is ready for the ultra-big times in her career (prestige, responsibility and money) and she figured out that others needed to know this as well.

So, (you're asking) what has this got to do with burnout? Easy peasy. Burnout doesn't happen because you have too much stuff to do, no, burnout results from not getting what you want in life, not pursuing your dreams.

Burnout is hiding just around the corner if you sneak around trying to be invisible and pretending you are less than you are! That means you won't take the time you deserve, you won't protect your energy, and you will spend waaaaay too much of yourself worrying about what others think of you (a truly HSP trait) and never enough time focusing on what you think of yourself!

Between us, you know you have a burnout queen personality, which means you are most likely an HSP and in our books that means you have some pretty amazing and strong qualities. You are great at what you do. (Come on, you know it, own it!) Now let the rest of the world know it!

So don the crown, grab the 4-inch heels and stand tall (ok, some of us need the 4-inch heels to stand tall) It's all about your beliefs and your attitude.

Here's one great tip!

Set yourself a goal to step over all the obstacles in your path that stop you from sharing your fabulous self with the world.

Make yourself a list of your strengths , positive values, your successes and accomplishments. Right, into your queenly handbag it goes. Next time you are on the verge of being modest, run to the toilet, get your crown on straight, read over your list and take your place!

You have a duty to share your gift with the world. Time to blow your own coronet! Come on ladies, let's hear that first note!!!