08/08/2014 12:58 BST | Updated 08/10/2014 06:59 BST

Getting the Best of Both

For many years Yoga has been at the forefront of a holistic approach to exercise and wellbeing holidays. Pilates, whilst very popular is still not as accessible as Yoga. At My Escape we acknowledge the benefits of both practices, we acknowledge the similarities between the two disciplines but also the vast difference, which not everyone is aware of. Often we hear, 'I do Yoga, so I'm sure I can come straight into Pilates,' this is not always the case. The solid foundations in Pilates are quite different, Pilates is based on one set of exercises, whereas Yoga is like a tree full of lots of different branches. Both offer overall wellbeing, strengthening and a strong mental and physical focus. So, what are the main differences and why are they so good together?

The main principles of Pilates are: concentration, relaxation, alignment, breathing, centring, coordination, stamina and flowing movements. Pilates focuses on strengthening the postural muscles, it tightens your bodies own natural corset (the transverses). This in turn will help to correct muscle imbalances and correct postural misalignments. The success of Pilates relies on you focusing and being aware of how your body is moving through space. It also challenges your coordination and kinaesthetic awareness, these are qualities that both Yoga and Pilates share. The principles of Pilates mostly helped by Yoga are the relaxation, the idea of flowing movement (particularly from a Vinyasa class) and the breathing.


Yoga is known mostly for the (asanas) aka the Yoga postures in the west. However, Yoga is much deeper than this. Whilst the asanas are an important element, it also teaches us to consider how we treat ourselves, others, how to stay calm and focused, and encourages us to overall look after ourselves and eat well. You can achieve inner peace with Yoga, it has been known to lower the stress hormone 'Chortisol' even after one session.


At My Escape we combine the two with two expert teachers, Ellie and Holly. Yoga and Pilates are great for everybody, from coach potatoes, to those seeking to gain strength after an injury, to top athletes. On our My Escape retreats, often people come loving either Yoga or Pilates, we aim to get people to understand that both are great, in their own way. On the retreat they get a taster of each and can really feel the benefits from both. On a My Escape retreat we offer Pilates as a more dynamic practice in the morning where we focus on the core work and build a strong foundation for movement. The Yoga is taught in the evening and is a much more mindful and perhaps more of a relaxed practice but always linking back to the Pilates alignment and centring principles and so therefore moving in a safe mindful way.


My Escape offers Worldwide Pilates and Yoga holidays amongst some of the world's most beautiful locations. Both Yoga and Pilates are very healing and combining this with such incredible backdrops gives you an even greater sense of wellbeing. At My Escape the goal is to create packages that allow you to truly relax and escape and the emphasis truly is on you.

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Ellie Priest and Holly Cooper

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