19/12/2014 12:54 GMT | Updated 17/02/2015 05:59 GMT

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

If you've got children, Lapland UK is a truly magical place in every sense of the word. From the moment you arrive, you're transported to the gateway to all things Christmas and if, like us, you're a big fan of this time of year, you certainly wont be disappointed.

Upon arrival, we were checked in and ushered through the entrance which is set in a huge yurt-style housing, decorated to feel and look like you've arrived in the home of Father Christmas. The room is filled with fairy lights and an air of magic. If you've got your passport, you're whisked off to the magical forest where you meet two woodland elves who, welcome and delight both children and adults alike! Here we were split into two separate teams the Huskies and the Reindeers (this is just a clever way of easing congestion) We then sang the magical song that would open the magical doors.

lapland uk

Children will marvel at the sight of seeing Father Christmas.

First of all we had to help elves build toys for Father Christmas, so we set about making a reindeer soft and a xylophone, both of which can be bought in the gift shop at the end. Next on the list it was off to make gingerbread and get messy with Mother Christmas, the children dressed up and chefs and decorated (then scoffed) their gingerbread men and afterwards they sat down in front of Mrs Christmas who treated them to a reading of the classic tale, The Gingerbread Man.

We then had a while to enjoy the winter wonderland that is the main square, which is a sight to behold! The skating rink, which is the main focal point in the middle of the square beautifully lit with the gifts shops, bank (for your Jingles) restaurants and Lapland UK post office all scattered around the edge and don't forget to write your letter to Father Christmas here too!

Then it was time to see the big man himself, taken through a winding path covered with snow-lined trees, you make your way to register to see Santa, then you wait....

One of the chief elves yell out the name of your child and the real adventure begins. An elf takes you through to a beautifully decorated Christmas cabin full of festive cheer and fairy lights, the door opens and there he is.

The smiles on the faces of the children is priceless, you're invited in and get to chat away at your leisure to Father Christmas as he reels off the pre-registered information and the children beam with excitement and of course they're all on his 'good list'.

After a quick picture (which costs £15 for one photograph to buy at the end) the children get an early Christmas present in the form of a soft toy and they're delighted!

It's an occasion the children will cherish for the next few years and they only problem is that you'll have to keep coming back again and again but it's totally worth it.

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