29/08/2014 13:04 BST | Updated 29/10/2014 05:59 GMT

Seven Top Tips to Keep Healthy Eating on Track

Just because Summer might be over... well the weather in Kent right now it is more like November (cold and rainy), however, there is no need to pack up the healthy eating habits too. Have you perhaps got into the swing of healthy eating? Or maybe you are lucky enough to be going away in September?

Keep on track with your healthy eating habits with these top seven tips.

1)No Thank You- That's right these three words can become your best catch phrase... Would you like a chocolate bar- No Thank you; Would you like a slice of cake- No Thank You; Would you like a biscuit- No Thank You; Go on have a dessert- No Thank You. The more you do this the less you will feel as if you are going 'hungry' especially after just eating your dinner. When it comes to snacking or desserts sometimes it is better to 'go hungry' you will feel better and look forward to your naturally healthy food choices.

2) Portion sizes- look at your hands, are they a different size to your partners/ brothers/ sisters/ mum/ dad/ friends? These are unique to you and your body is proportionally sized for your height. One handful for light meals; two handfuls for your main meal and half a handful for snacks. Try it! Also smaller plates- works a treat.


3) Stop counting calories and start counting vegetables. Try to aim for at least seven vegetables a day. Also find out what is in season, you can do this online or why not try your local health food market/ shop.

4) Chew your food at least 25 times, consciously count, this gives time for the message to get from you stomach to your brain to indicate you are full. Also helps with digesting food too as the mechanical process in the mouth is the start, then the chemical digestion lasts anywhere between two to four hours- so help your body by chewing more.

5) Drink water or naturally sparkling water, flavour it with lemon, cucumber, lime wedges, cinnamon etc. In between meals if you find you are hankering after a snack have a drink of water. If choosing sparkling the bubbles act as a disguise whilst filling you up but not adding any calories.


6) Throw away anything white or processed and make it yourself. Really simple, if you can make it, you can eat it. If you find yourself wanting a piece of flapjack- make it yourself. Take out what you don't want in your food such as refined white sugar and swap it with a healthier sweetener such as honey, xylitol, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup. Visit FoodAtOne's website for naturally healthy ideas for snacks, treats and meals.

7) Go for a walk, whether you have been sat down at your desk all day, rushing around in the car, stuck in meeting rooms at work. Take the time to clear your head, leave mobiles behind and do some gentle exercise.


So you may have a lot of work to do incorporating these habits or perhaps use them as a little refresher/ reminder to keep up the good work. These are effective habits when combined with a positive mindset. Taking action such as saying "no thank you" to unnecessary eating or walking home from work instead of taking the bus or car, going for a swim or keeping up the exercise will help to create a good balance for your vitality- both in mind and body.