28/08/2015 14:23 BST | Updated 28/08/2016 06:59 BST

Why My Daughter Is My Idol


As we grow up we always have our idols and people we look up to. I remember idolising Supermodels. Do you remember the 'old skool' ones? Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen. Looking back now I feel a bit sad that I idolised Supermodels... how superficial! In retrospect I was quite superficial, and I only think since having children I have lost that. I still like to look presentable, but that has moved to the back of the queue of my priorities. You would laugh at my modest beauty regime, and lack of make-up and creams. I don't own any make up brushes besides the one to put my bronzer on. Although, I have just bought my first anti-wrinkle cream at 36 (well it is a trial sample, I am still to decide whether to divulge).

I have a new idol now, and that is my daughter. I know all our children are special, but my daughter at six has qualities and an outlook on life that I envy (in a good way). Last week I was really poorly with a bug, so we had to spend a day on the settee watching films and then I made a boat each with them out of the recycling, all bespoke and Disney themed. As I put her to bed she said, "Thank you mummy for a lovely day." Bless her, I thought. I really hadn't done anything special, but she was grateful for the day we had. At the park the other day my youngest tripped and dropped his ice cream on the ground. As I got closer to them, he had one in his hand. She turned around and said, "I gave him mine mummy because he dropped his." At a school fair recently when I picked her up, she brought out of her bag a lullaby musical system for the youngest and a detective kit for my other son. "I bought these for you guys." She is always so thoughtful and considerate of everybody. She makes me see things differently and makes me take note of things that I wouldn't even realise.

So, I just want to say 'Thank-you' to my children for:

making me less selfish

making me realise how lucky I am

making sure I don't take anything for granted

making a bus ride fun

making me feel invincible

giving me a confidence I never knew existed

enabling me to experience real pride

making me smile

making me slow down

making me do the 'moonwalk' at breakfast time to make them laugh

making me feel like the most loved person in the world

showing me that the simple things are the most important

making me stop and film the 'bin truck' when they are not with me

making me realise that family is everything

being my Universe

having a hilarious sense of humour

telling me that my neck is all wrinkly and looks like ET's neck

letting me re-live my childhood

ignoring me sometimes, and being cheeky and having a character

being you, for being individual

being the best thing I ever did

I know people say girls are hard work in their teenage years so I am going to enjoy these years with my 'idol'. I know children can drive us insane, but when you look at the person you now are, you realise they are worth it. We have no time for anything anymore, everything is rushed, but when you look at them, you realise those little miracles are just that. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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