“Let’s not leave dads out of the bloody conversation!”
Only caring now that it directly affects someone you love is, at best, deeply strange, and not really anything to be celebrated
“You worked so hard and found a voice and found your way and you made your own dreams come true.”
'This is my last love letter to you until we meet again.' 💔
A father’s final message to his little girl on her 21st birthday is breaking hearts across the globe. The message was written
What is it about princesses that creates such a following or aversion? Is it even about princesses per se, or more about what they have come to symbolise and how this image has been exploited? The stereotypical Disney princess with certain physical features and attributes is plastered everywhere and has become an unchallenged, unconscious brand associated with fun and girlhood.
"If you're used to being well-treated by your father...that's what you'll expect from other men."