15/07/2013 09:50 BST | Updated 13/09/2013 06:12 BST

Are You Strong Enough to Be a Solo Traveller?

That may seem like a weird question to ask because when have we ever associated travel with strength? It's just something we do right? Well, let me tell you it takes a great deal of inner-power to travel solo.


It's extremely scary to rock up in a country which is so very different from your own and travel around. You have to get used to a lot of strange concepts and idiosyncrasies of an entirely new and alien environment. But we do it because we want to get away from the complacency and stagnation of our comfort zone. We know doing it will make us into a worldly wise, happier person. But that initial fear is a hard one to overcome.

From a very early age we become used to travelling with other people because it's safer, easier and preferred by society. We're pack animals really but we know it's our individuality that really sets us apart. So leaving that pack environment is a big deal.

I have travelled with others and enjoyed and loathed their company at the same time because as we all know, travelling with other folks is hard! Relationships are tested to the max! I think the greatest lesson I learnt from my backpacking trip was, sometimes big journeys have to be taken alone.


How can you expect to grow if someone else is there for every moment with you? No matter who you travel with, compromises have to be made and that's fine for holidays, but if you want to test yourself and maybe even take that cliched journey to 'find yourself' then you must do it alone.

But the reasons why it is scary are the reasons why you should definitely go, (that sounds crazy doesn't it?) but it's because you can prove to the world you are capable of going to Timbuktu/wherever and surviving! It's a great, great feeling! And you will never really be alone...you will meet great people along the way and they may function as 'single serving friends' as The Narrator talks of in Fight Club, or your new best friends...you never know...but they will all contribute to your experience.

There is no doubt about it you will have days where you will struggle, you're human, you're a pack animal...and you will wonder about this:


....just like Chris McCandless' character wrote in Into The Wild but you are capable of trying to see the world for a while solo - and you will not regret it!

Go for it I say! I'm going to, because...

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch.

What do you think? Have you travelled solo? Do you think you could do it if not?