100 Layers Of Hair Extensions Looks Like Pinterest Exploded

And, weirdly, it might make you hungry.

Just when we thought beauty vloggers had run out of ideas for the ‘100 layers of’ challenge, this happens.

And by this we mean YouTuber Kayley Melissa’s latest video in which she, you guessed it, applies 100 wefts of clip-in hair extensions to her head.

After a painstaking process, the hair tutorial queen then fashions the extensions into a giant fishtail side-braid.

YouTubeKayley Melissa

At first glance, it looks like it has come straight off Pinterest. But look closer...

Remind you of anything?

Wow_Pho via Getty Images

Although Melissa says she finally achieved “mermaid hair goals”, the heavy weight of the extensions caused her scalp a whole lot of discomfort.

YouTubeKayley Melissa

Removing the whole lot was also one massive mess.

When will the madness end, people?!

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