The Best Hands-Free Sex Toys, According To Reviewers Who Have Tried Them

Explore the world of wearable, thrusting, and grind-ready gadgets.
A wearable clitoral vibe, a mountable thrusting dildo and the hump-able Enby 2.
Dame, Amazon, Wildflower
A wearable clitoral vibe, a mountable thrusting dildo and the hump-able Enby 2.

Of course, hands are often welcome and even encouraged in the bedroom – but other times there’s nothing like sitting back and letting someone (or something) else do the work for you.

Additionally, everyone has different levels of mobility and having access to a well-performing and pleasure-inducing sex toy that doesn’t require the use of your mitts can be a true game-changer.

It turns out the sex toy world has already taken this into consideration, and the options for hands-free sex gadgets is a vast and enjoyable landscape of things that thrust, bounce, suck and grind all on their own.

To make sure we found the best of the best in hands-free sex toys, we combed through the reviews and testimonials of people who have tried these products out for themselves and collected them all in the list ahead.

There you’ll find things like wearable vibes that are perfect for couple play, automatic strokers with a science-y twist and one straddle-ready pillow that can securely hold all of your favourite sex toys while you ride to your heart’s content.

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A versatile thrusting toy
Built with a powerful two-speed motor, the Lover's Joy Stick Thruster is an penetrating toy that's perfect for both vaginal and anal play and provides targeted hands-free stimulation. The textured base is designed to vibrate against the clitoris or the perineum and it also comes with a remote control that can operate the toy through 10 modes of vibration from up to 100 feet away.

Promising Lovers review: "I LOVE the Joy Stick! It is the perfect size, not too big, not too small, so perfect for those who like penetration, but don't want to overwhelm themselves with a girthy and long toy. Since this toy thrusts on its own, it is hands free and even more so with the added remote which makes it fun for couples and for anal use as well. The external piece on it is perfect for those who can't get off just from internal stimulation. Instead of the external piece having a constant vibration on the clitoris, it moves with the thrusting movement of the internal piece so you get friction from the continuous tapping motion the vibrator has on the clitoris which is a new feeling and it is GREAT! This toy is an awesome addition to anyone's collection." — Rachel
A bouncing vibe
Featuring a delightfully ribbed, bubble-style shaft and both vibrating and bouncing settings, this vibrator from sexual wellness brand Cake offers thrusting sensations that claim to stimulate penetrative sex, with nary a worn-out wrist or tired hand in sight. Covered in a silky body-safe silicone, this toy has eight thrusting and eight vibration modes, is USB-rechargeable and can last for up to 70 minutes per charge. Please keep in mind that this toy is not intended for anal penetration.

Promising Cake review: "I bought this kit for myself for my birthday. I am what I would call 'very experienced' with vibrators and this still managed to surprise me. The thrusting motion is PERFECT for solo sessions and is just *chefs kiss* when I'm going down on my partner, but I also want to have some fun while I’m doing it. I’ve also never really felt like I needed lube, but this was actually really nice to get things going. And the tingle serum didn’t feel like a lot at first, but honestly I think the combo of this vibe and the serum has really elevated the game. I will definitely be repurchasing the lube and serum." — Amanda D.
A wall-mountable auto-stroker
This auto-stroking toy for penis-havers is made with a suction-cup base for easy mounting on a variety of surfaces allowing for hands-free play. It features a squishy-soft and snug tunnel of beaded texture that users can control through up to seven modes of throbbing vibration, gripping effects and even an audio feature.

Promising PinkCherry review: "I can't emphasize how amazing the toy is. I wish I [had] bought one earlier. I think every man needs to have one. It provides a wonderful alternative to the old fashion way. The toy has a plethora of modes to match your sensitivity between the vibration and gripping modes. You can use them at the same time or on their own. I think one of the interesting parts of it is the audio. I never thought about a toy having that mode. It's great. It's easy to clean. The sleeve is soft but thick, so you don't need to fear ripping it every time you remove it to clean. I think what separates this auto stroker from the ones you get on most sites is the wall mount. It has changed everything, to say the least... Very fun and allows for creativity and a genuine hands-free experience. My only concern is the sturdiness of the wall mount. It seems like it struggles to hold up the stroker and mine has partially cracked at the insertion point under the pressure but still works, so be mindful of that." — Devin
A wearable internal, external vibe
The slim and ergonomic design of the well-loved We-Vibe allows for penetrative sex while providing both clitoral and G spot stimulation, all while leaving yours and your partner's hands free to wander. This waterproof toy can be controlled remotely, offers 10 speeds and patterns and the flexible arm ensures the perfect fit for a variety of anatomies.

Promising Bellesa review: "Being able to lay back with my hands over my head while receiving both clitoral pleasure from the Match and also the pleasure of insertion from my husband is a whole new experience. Strongly recommend this if you, like me, like to have your cake and eat it too." — anonymous
A high-tech auto-stroker
There's nothing quite like the Arcwave Ion Stroker, a science-y inspired automatic toy that was designed with Pacinian receptors in mind. These pleasure-packed nerve endings concentrated around areas like the tip of the penis are particularly sensitive to vibration and air-frequency stimulation, and this toy functions much like those clitoral suction toys that you may or may not have heard of. This hands-free toy for those with penises combines immersive stroking, targeted air intensities, pulsating pressure and vibration all inside this soft silicone ribbed sleeve.

Promising PinkCherry review: "Was excited about this as I’d been hearing about it for a while. Maybe I was too excited, as I lasted about 90 seconds on the first try. With more testing, I realized this thing really is a practical tool. A different experience than the old school approach, and definitely useful for someone looking for a heightened sensation." — Rob V.
A pillow toy mount
Find new hands-free ways to play with your already existing favorite toys using this cushioned toy mount that features multiple slots to securely hold vibrators, wands or dildos and accommodate nearly every position. The top slot also provides flange support which means you can customize the depth, angle, and length of your sex toy. The velvet-like cover is also removable and completely machine-washable for easy clean-up. Please note that the toys are not included.

Promising Bellesa review: "This is great for mounting or just laying back and letting your toys do all the work. This holds my toys in place pretty well and is very sturdy. The cover is removable and easy to wash. The only thing I will say is when mounting it on a bed you will want a firm mattress otherwise your knees will sink in and it will be too high. I can use it on the floor with pillows under my knees though with no problems. All in all this gives me exactly what I was looking for and I'm very happy with this purchase!" — Jessi
A wearable thrusting prostate massager
Designed for both solo play and intercourse, this prostate massager is loved for its seven vibration speeds and thrusting capacities that expand up to over half an inch. The 100% waterproof toy stays in place thanks to the stretchy ring, and a dual vibrator at the base offers another opportunity for stimulation.

Promising Amazon review: "This is by far the best vibrator I have bought. Number one it is nice and strong but my favorite feature it’s the two vibrators it has which makes it an amazing experience. I haven’t had a vibrator with seven different thrusting options which makes for so many different combinations. Now it is definitely one of my go to toys." — Eric
Cute Little Fuckers
A versatile and gender neutral starfish
The adorable and innovative toy offerings from Cute Little Fuckers, a queer-, trans- and disabled-owned sexual wellness company, are created to be inclusive of all anatomies. The Starsi is a crowd favorite thanks to its ability to cover genitalia with a curved and softly textured surface that vibrates through five modes and speeds. Designed to be easy to hold if you choose, even for those with limited mobility, the Starsi can be grinded on or nestled on erogenous zones.

Promising Cute Little Fuckers review:
"I cannot say enough good things about this purchase. The Starsi knocked it out of the park! The surface area of the toy is wide enough to cover the entire internal and external portions of the clitoris complex. The grooves are both soft and distinctive enough to have a grind that is satisfying. Additionally, it is easy to hold and grip; no toys flying out from under you right when you most need them. 5/5 stars for the number of consecutive orgasms we had with it!" — Anonymous
A wearable clitoral vibe
The Eva toy by Dame, a crowd-funded and women-led sex brand, offers a truly unique and innovative design by fitting securely and comfortably inside the vulva and staying place even during partnered intercourse. Covered in medical-grade silicone, this waterproof toy offers three vibration intensities with a run time of one hour on the highest setting. Charging is also discreet thanks to its sleek inductive charging case.

Promising Dame review: "I never thought it would be possible to have a vibe I could use HANDS FREE. But the Eva is perfect for those times when you just need both hands. It’s especially useful for when you have a partner. The design is sleek and small, but while it is small, it is mighty. The silicone is soft and easy to keep clean, and the charging pod is so useful. It charges pretty quickly too. I highly recommend for those who want to maximize their pleasure and orgasm without using their hands to hold the vibe in place." — Nicole M.
A versatile, grind-able vibrator
For those who are not fans of penetrating toys, this second generation of the Enby can offer tons of other stimulating options thanks to its curved and flexible design that can be held up against or wrapped around genitalia and erogenous zones, or, grinded on completely hands-free. This anatomy-neutral toy features two sides, one ridged and the other smooth, is fully submersible and has three speeds and patterns to try. It's also made from an ultra-soft body-safe silicone and easily recharges using a magnetic charging port on the ridged side of the toy.

Promising Wildflower review: "It's always been easiest for me to get off by humping my hands, I need the pelvic strength in the hump and my body weight to really get in there and get off. This thing is amazing and has elevated my face-down masturbation sessions because now my hands are free to roam and squeeze the rest of my body as well as get some more leverage in the hump. I've also been able to use it while on my back- this is actually the first toy I've ever gotten off with using one of the random vibrate settings! 10/10 recommend this toy!" — kk
A thrusting, mountable dildo
Ideal for both anal and vaginal play, this thrusting toy features a powerful suction cup base to allow for complete hands-free enjoyment and a design that the brand claims to have been developed by aerospace engineers. The freestanding operation is also supplemented by a strategically curved vibrating tip for G-spot stimulation, along with several adjustable penetrating speeds.

Promising Velvet review: "Velvet has a great reputation with soft feeling and this one lives up to that reputation. I was skeptical about this toy at first because of the curvature/hook look however I realized how easy it was for it to hit my G spot. And WOW. I didn't have to angle the toy as much as my other ones to get this to hit my G spot and it was great. Plus, with the fast setting of its strokes, it felt great. Going to be my new go-to toy whenever I want instant pleasure." — Bree

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