This Is What Orgasms Look Like, According To AI

They're really quite beautiful.
RapidEye via Getty Images

It feels like there’s no corner of our lives that hasn’t been in some way interpreted by AI.

We’ve had AI predict the future of sex positions, AI helping us to book cheap holidays, and now, Lovehoney and Womanizer can reveal what orgasms look like thanks to – yep, you guessed it – AI.

The sexperts said they were moved to have these sensual images created upon realising that the “orgasm has never been successfully put into an image”.

In a recent piece of research, it was found that there are three types of female orgasms — volcanic, wave, and avalanche — which are all very vivid descriptions, but Lovehoney wanted to go that little bit deeper.

Furthermore, the images were produced because our ideas of orgasms can be gender-normative and outdated, with people who identify as women having their orgasms portrayed as being like flowers when, really, they can absolutely be eruptions and stormy — depictions that are often assigned to those that identify as men.

An AI-generated image of a female orgasm.
An AI-generated image of a female orgasm.

So, how did they do it?

This wasn’t just a case of inputting keywords into an AI image generator.

Lovehoney asked 10 anonymous volunteers — five men and five women — to wear a heat-monitoring ECG band sensor during their intimate moment to capture their heartbeats. Meanwhile, two of their sex toys provided them with orgasm data.

They then collaborated with software engineer Vika Shcherbak and developer Noam Rubin — both experts in the relationship between art and innovative technology.

The pair got to work visualising the orgasm data using JavaScript and then used the resulting image to feed into generative AI, resulting in 10 sensual images of orgasms.

They said: “Working with generative AI was an interesting but also challenging experience. Its unpredictability contrasted sharply with the more structured nature of conventional coding.”

A depiction of the male orgasm.
A depiction of the male orgasm.

The full range of other-worldly orgasm images can be found on the Lovehoney website.

The sexperts admit that while these images are “by no means perfect”, they do perfectly encapsulate that orgasms are completely unique, just like snowflakes.