11 Things That Suck About Being A Man (According To Men)

'My wife expects me to kill all the bugs.'

They say it’s a “man’s world” but being male is far from a walk in the park.

On Reddit, men have been sharing the things that suck about being a man that women don’t necessarily know about.

From joking about bodily functions to raising important points on gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity, here’s what they had to say.

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1. No matter how much you shake your dick after you pee there will always be leakage.

2. Not too many compliments. A guy needs a compliment, from time to time. - vito_uk

3. My wife expects me to kill all the bugs. Bitch, I’m scared of spiders too! - alexfromla

4. Not being able to openly talk about feelings of depression or anxiety because of fear of looking weak.

5. Gotta open every freakin’ jar.

- meweave

6. You get boners for no reason.

- the_sox_suck

7. Getting asked if I’m babysitting today. No, I’m their dad, not the babysitter.

- UpUpAnd

8. Testicles require readjusting at times. That can at be any where, any time. Readjusting requires you to look goofy or offend someone around you.

- crunch816

9. Pants. Balls evolved to breath. Pants are oppression.

- Mequittingthenet

10. It’s expected that you always pay for your date’s meal.

- miguecolombia

11. Refractory period. Why can’t I have nine orgasms in a single fuck? Dammit!

- thudly

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