30/09/2016 14:04 BST | Updated 27/07/2018 21:14 BST

Woman Is The Ultimate Cat Mum With Her 12-Cat Posse

Squad goals.

A woman cat mom known only as ‘12catslady’ is giving us all the feels by posting adorable snaps of her gang of Chinchilla Persian kitties. 

Photos of the happy family can be found on Instagram (@12catslady).

The page is filled with adorable snaps of her 12 fur babies, whether they’re eating food, playing or just sitting staring blankly (which they seem to do a lot).  

According to 12catslady’s Instagram, nine of the cats come from the same litter. 

While they are absolutely beautiful and she’s clearly very proud of them, we can’t help but think this poor woman must hardly sleep. 

Especially with all 12 of these furry felines snoozing, purring and miaowing on her bed. 

Although, maybe it’s actually quite soothing. 

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